2020: The year in review and what’s next for DeXe

tl;dr In 2020, we had a successful token sale and listing, released the groundbreaking Wallet-to-Wallet Copying tool, and secured partnerships with some of the most exciting projects in DeFi. In 2021, we will release our full product — the Asset Management platform, along with v2 of the W2W Copying tool — so top DeFi traders can verifiably showcase their success and their followers can easily copy them. But first, we’ll run a trading competition you don’t want to miss.

With unprecedented institutional interest in crypto, Bitcoin breaking $29k, and Ethereum going on a run of its own, 2020 was a year of crypto entering the mainstream — and 2021 will be the year DeFi will come into its own and challenge traditional finance. That’s why it was so important for the Dexe.Network to focus in 2020 on laying the foundations for what will be the top DeFi asset management platform in 2021 and will play a key role in helping DeFi compete head-to-head with centralized finance. Let’s review DeXe’s 2020 and preview what awaits our community in 2021.

Token Sale

Tokens worth $1,896,911 were sold and stalking bonuses awarded (we care about our holders and make holding DEXE rewarding). We also burned/locked away forever unsold tokens from those offered for sale — lowering the overall supply and thus increasing DEXE’s value. DEXE can now be exchanged on Uniswap, Bilaxy, and MXC. The average price during the sale was $1.26 per DEXE for unlocked tokens. Market cap reached $4,785,762. Our developers continue working on the main product and standalone ones at a good pace and with all of the functionalities our community needs to dominate DeFi. Our tech has already been audited by Hacken and continues to undergo careful testing at every step to make sure the final product delivers on the expectations of its users.

Wallet-to-Wallet Copying tool

Speaking of development, as a DAO, we are driven by the interest of our community and the feedback from it. In Q3 2020, we released the free Wallet-to-Wallet Copying tool, which allows anybody to follow any ERC-20 wallet address and set up automatic copying of any asset trade of that wallet. It was a breakthrough instrument for the DeFi market and received a lot of positive feedback from the community, proving its worth. In fact, our community had a number of interesting and important suggestions and requests for v2 of W2W Copying.

True to our DAO spirit, the trust of our community is everything to us — only together can we transform DeFi. So we couldn’t afford to postpone or ignore our community’s requests for v2 of the W2W copying tool and started to implement their feedback immediately, which slightly moved our plans for the main product. V2 of W2W Copying will make it easier than ever to follow and copy interesting wallets while giving unprecedented protection against rug pulls, slippage, and more. The result exceeded all of our expectations and will be released in the coming days (we are really excited about this one).

The trade-off of focusing on W2W Copying v2 is that we had to postpone the release of DeXe Investments product, the Asset Management platform, from Q4 2020 to Q1 2021. We take our roadmap very seriously and do not like delaying releases. We had to make that decision based on prioritizing our community’s desires and since it’s only a delay of a couple of months. The development of the platform is in its finishing stages, and everything is on track for a Q1 release. By prioritizing W2W v2, we are giving the DeFi community something simple and practical that they can use now and which serves as a great onboarding ramp to the Asset Management platform, which will be even more intuitive to use for those who are using our W2W Copying tool.


We love the blockchain community for how much collaboration there is even while competing head-to-head to dominate various aspects of this crypto universe (fastest blockchain, best layer two solution, most privacy, and so on). 2020 was for us a year of both quantity and quality of partnerships, from those with Consensus Lab, Cointelegraph, Quest Capital, Chain Capital, and a number of other smart investors back in September to our recent collaborations with some of the most interesting blockchain projects, such as 1inch, Orion, Stafi, Elrond, DexTools, and others. Together, we are giving traders and followers the best possible environment to succeed in DeFi.

Looking ahead to 2021

As big as 2020 was for the Dexe Network, 2021 will be our year to shine, perfectly timed with DeFi grabbing more of the crypto spotlight. Most immediately, we are about to release W2W Copying v2 with a redesigned UI and UX that makes it incredibly easy to use and powerful in its automation of copying your favorite wallets and assets. We will run a trading competition to showcase v2 and let our community members cash in on their trading and coping skills. Most importantly, our main product (DeXe Investments), the entire Asset Management platform is getting close to completion and will be released in Q1 2021. We don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but it’s going to be sooner rather than later and will be everything you dreamed about.

We also have more exciting partnerships lined up, competitions and giveaways, and more updates you don’t want to miss. So make sure to join our communities on Telegram and Twitter. Thank you for being with us in 2020 — here’s to an amazing 2021!

Stay tuned for more with us!

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