DeXe Network Anniversary Trading Marathon

Fellow DeXers (and friends) — glad to have you competing in the biggest DeFi trading marathon ever

The competition is made possible thanks to ZBS Capital and CryptoDiffers, plus wonderful partners:

The prize pool totals 150k$ 🚀 in DEXE and partner tokens, to be…

Frequently Asked Questions about DeXe Anniversary Trading Competition

Can I still participate if I register a few days after the marathon has already started?

Yes, you can register at any time after the marathon begins and until it ends

Can I trade just 1 of the tokens on that list?

DeXe Network Content Contest: Part 2

Fellow DeXers - we’re excited to announce the second page of the engaging community contest where the most active users will divide a prize pool of $1,000 worth of DEXE + some awesome bonuses from our Founders.

The rules are very simple - keep…

In an important milestone for social trading in DeFi, the Dexe Network is integrating industry-leading oracle network Chainlink to help power multiple platform features. The first, which is now live today, involves using Chainlink Price Feeds to list current fair market exchange rates and generate price charts within the DeXe…

Another great benefit DEXE token holders:

You’ve been asking for more ways to earn, and here is a big one. DEXE has just been whitelisted on Bancor v2.1. What this means is that you can avoid any risk of impermanent loss by keeping your investment fully in DEXE and still…

Hi everyone!

Yuriy Hotoviy, here — the СЕО and co-founder of

With so much happening in the Dexe Network’s development, collaborations, and community engagement, I figured that now is a great time to update you on what we’re up to (and maybe even open up the curtain a…

Hey DeXers, we just wrapped up a fun trading contest with many winners showcasing their trading skills. But why stop there?

Do you have creative skills like making graphic or, better yet, infographics? Want to show off a bit and help grow our awesome community? And of course there are…

It is no secret that the DeFi space is growing — fast and massively. In May 2020, the total value locked (TVL) in leading DeFi protocols such as AAVE, COMP, Maker, and Uniswap was barely $1B. In just a year, it’s been pushing $90B.

New DeXe Contest

Fellow DeXers — we’re excited to announce a new contest where the most active users will split a prize pool of $1000 worth of DEXE.

The rules are very simple — just keep an eye our Telegram chat. We’ll post questions and challenges there at random times…

Introducing 111PG New DeXe Ecosystem product — the sniping bot killer

Are you ready for some drops, rewards, and other benefits for DEXE holders? We love sharing news about good things coming for our community members. Especially, when we can turn a market problem into a solution.

Sniping bots is…

DeXe (Decentralized Social Trading Platform) — an online, decentralized and autonomous cryptocurrency assets portfolio environment

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