It is no secret that the DeFi space is growing — fast and massively. In May 2020, the total value locked (TVL) in leading DeFi protocols such as AAVE, COMP, Maker, and Uniswap was barely $1B. In just a year, it’s been pushing $90B.

New DeXe Contest

Fellow DeXers — we’re excited to announce a new contest where the most active users will split a prize pool of $1000 worth of DEXE.

The rules are very simple — just keep an eye our Telegram chat. We’ll post questions and challenges there at random times (and pin it to the top). The first 10 people to give the right answer will get points and make it onto the leaderboard. When the contest is over, the top ten participants on the leaderboard will get prizes as follows:

Introducing 111PG New DeXe Ecosystem product — the sniping bot killer

Are you ready for some drops, rewards, and other benefits for DEXE holders? We love sharing news about good things coming for our community members. Especially, when we can turn a market problem into a solution.

Sniping bots is exactly such a problem since ruin AMM listings — but for some lucky projects, this will no longer be a concern.

For months now, when a project adds liquidity to an AMM like Uniswap for its community to buy their token, the process is corrupted by people running sniping bots…

The future of trading in DeFi is social trading. Because no human can follow all the pairs, all the niches of DeFi. Why not trust the top trader in NFT projects when you don’t have the time to keep track of everything in the rapidly-moving NFT world? Why not trust the Layer 2 expert trader to find the next gem? Anyone who wants to have an edge on the market and keep up with all of its moves will need to trust someone who eats, breathes, and lives trading a specific niche of DeFi.

But manual following is slow and…

Community update: What is Dexe up to?

As a DAO, we always want to be as transparent with our community as we can be. DeFi is hard because it really is the frontier of blockchain technology’s practical, useful application and many of the products we are developing are first of their kind.

But it’s also a fast-moving space with a lot of urgent needs. So the Dexe Network team is working hard on getting the best solutions to market. Here is a quick checklist of what we’ve been up to lately:

  • Expanding the team

If we could instantly make any…

In this choppy market, the strong survive!

Bitcoin price crashes to $30k. Then breaks $45k. Back to the $30k range. Wait, did it just hit $60k? This back and forth choppy market movement can make anyone go crazy. And the swings are even more wild for small cap altcoins. As a crypto trader or investor, how do you survive this volatility?

Adjust your horizons

If you are in crypto for the long haul, but daily price swings are scaring you — don’t look at them. Keep in mind that the long-term trend for Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeXe and a number of other leading projects…

Unboxing the most exciting news of the year. The best traders know when to pull a trigger on a once-in-a-lifetime trade. And so we pulled a trigger and integrated Kattana into the Dexe ecosystem.

Kattana is called the “Bloomberg Terminal” of DeFi trading for a reason. We would have to spend months developing in-house the interface for traders to do what they do best. But Kattana has done such an amazing job and created the ultimate terminal where traders can execute their strategy with lightning-fast speed and with pro-level support of charts, news, and trade types.

It was such…

DeXe Investment Sneak Peek 3: Own Assets

Continuing our series of posts about Dexe Investment, it’s time to unbox something that gives a trader true power while also making it easy for investors to automatically benefit: own asset.

Let’s say a good trader, Juan, wants to profit from his trading success in the easiest way. He sets up the usual pool with a chosen base asset and a number of investors. But to make things simpler and more lucrative, he also creates the JUAN coin. JUAN is collateralized by all the assets in the pool (let’s say it’s BTC, ETH…

Parsiq partnership unlocks powerful data for DeXe Network traders

We’re thrilled to announce DeXe.Network’s integration with to take advantage of their unparalleled blockchain data parsing and real-time automations.

Parsiq’s ability to find and quickly parse blockchain data is beyond impressive. The types and amount of data that Parsiq can provide is huge. What’s really amazing about Parsiq is how they turn data into not just notifications on your platform of choice (from Telegram to smart refrigerators) but also how you can set up triggers based on that information to create a number of automations limited mostly by only your…

DeXe Investment Sneak Peek 2: Funds and Base Assets

Continuing our series of posts about Dexe Investment, let’s unbox how one would go about creating a fund.

Let’s say that you are a trader. You have a great reputation. You have a strategy. But how do you get investors to entrust their money to you? You start by creating your fund. Just like a hedge fund, for example, your fund consists of you, your strategy, and rules for investor participation. You’re in control and can start attracting investors. To do that, you need to first define the base asset for…

DeXe (Decentralized Social Trading Platform) — an online, decentralized and autonomous cryptocurrency assets portfolio environment

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