Fellow DeXers!

Guess what? That Christmas spirit is in the air (and NYE too), so… isn’t this the perfect time for gifts? We thought so too — that’s why we prepared some very special gifts for the DeXe Network ecosystem’s community.

Here’s the first one. From December 22nd until December…

DeXe Network Anniversary Trading Marathon

Fellow DeXers (and friends) — glad to have you competing in the biggest DeFi trading marathon ever

The competition is made possible thanks to ZBS Capital and CryptoDiffers, plus wonderful partners:

The prize pool totals 150k$ 🚀 in DEXE and partner tokens, to be…

DeXe Network Content Contest: Part 2

Fellow DeXers - we’re excited to announce the second page of the engaging community contest where the most active users will divide a prize pool of $1,000 worth of DEXE + some awesome bonuses from our Founders.

The rules are very simple - keep…

Hey DeXers, we just wrapped up a fun trading contest with many winners showcasing their trading skills. But why stop there?

Do you have creative skills like making graphic or, better yet, infographics? Want to show off a bit and help grow our awesome community? And of course there are…


DeXe (Decentralized Social Trading Platform) — an online, decentralized and autonomous cryptocurrency assets portfolio environment

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