Community update: What is Dexe up to?

Community update: What is Dexe up to?

As a DAO, we always want to be as transparent with our community as we can be. DeFi is hard because it really is the frontier of blockchain technology’s practical, useful application and many of the products we are developing are first of their kind.

But it’s also a fast-moving space with a lot of urgent needs. So the Dexe Network team is working hard on getting the best solutions to market. Here is a quick checklist of what we’ve been up to lately:

  • Expanding the team

If we could instantly make any idea into a ready product, we’d have a massive ecosystem out already. But coding takes time. Testing takes time. There are so many engineering challenges in each DeFi product that no “normie” person would even bother with it — but we truly believe that this is the future and are committed to make it happen sooner.

To that end, DeXe have been expanding the team, starting with developers — both hiring internally and outsourcing work to very talented devs from around the world. Together, we will get our products to market faster, with optimal functionality, and without compromising security.

  • Developing products

We owe it to the Dexe community to release products that not only work great but are carefully tested to be secure. And we want to get them to you ASAP. So we are still finalizing the main Dexe Investment platform for closed alpha and beta testing before opening the beta up to the public. We’ll have more updates on it later, but can already tell you that it is everything we hoped for (and then some). The expansion of our team means that we’re getting the main platforms and other products to you faster and expect them to knock your socks off.

We are also working on other products that may be smaller in scope but crucial for the Dexe ecosystem. One such product is an anti-sniping bot service, which has its own team and will be able to stake its own claim to success in the DeFi space. This service has already protected several new projects from sniping bots and other listing issues, helping projects optimize their liquidity and scale at that critical early stage time where they really need everything to go smoothly. Our approach to fighting sniping bots is a unique such solution that has proven extremely effective already. It will provide benefits to the Dexe community too, sharing some of its success. We will release this service as a separate product so stay tuned for a big announcement about that.

  • Overcoming roadblocks

While nothing in DeFi goes smoothly all the time, we’ve learned to handle and overcome roadblocks. For example, integrations because those require connecting together different codes and systems from different teams. Everyone on both sides wants the integration to succeed, but it does take time and a lot of work. So we put in extra hours in getting our integration of various Dexe tools into the BSC done despite the roadblocks and will be getting it ready for public deployment soon. Because BSC is a priority — we want people to have the option of paying almost no fee on trades in order to really benefit from any kind of a smart trading strategy. And as far as our team is concerned, helping traders trade faster and cheaper is a goal worthy of extra work. Stay tuned for updates.

  • Community engagement

While our developers are plugging away at coding the best products, DeXe community team won’t leave you hanging. We have revamped our Dexe Heroes program to include even more of the most active DeXers into building awareness of our ecosystem and products (and reward them for their support). We are getting ready to launch another trading marathon. And, of course, we have some fun contests planned so anyone can have fun and earn DEXE. Plus, behind the scenes, we are always working with potential projects to see if we can get an airdrop of other projects’ tokens to our community.

  • DEXE token use cases

Many in our community asked about the utility of the DEXE token. We’ve always had a plan to use it in all our products to the benefit of our community. And now everyone will see it happen. Starting with the release of our Wallet-to-Wallet Copying tool on the BSC, we will integrate the use of DEXE into W2W. This will be followed by more use cases. $DEXE is an important part of our ecosystem, with use across products.

So, as the summer of 2021 is here and the temptation is to take a vacation, the Dexe Network team is doubling down on working hard to get you more products, integrations, and community engagement. Stay tuned for a fun DeXer summer!

About DeXe is a decentralized social trading ecosystem that operates via autonomous smart contracts and includes tools for virtual currency allocation and automatic rebalancing. It eliminates the risks of transferring digital wallet details such as private keys and API or any virtual currency data to a third party. Most importantly, the DeXe Network connects successful traders and followers in a transparent, verifiable way for the benefit of both groups.


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