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2 min readFeb 25, 2023

The NFT war heats up with Blur grabbing 82% of the entire Ethereum network trading volume to knock OpenSea off its throne. OpenSea fought back by slashing its cut from NFT sales to 0. Not to be left behind, the OG AMM, Uniswap, is now allowing users to buy NFTs with ERC-20 tokens. Uniswap entered the NFT marketplace game with its acquisition of Genie.

Speaking of transaction volume, Arbitrum just had more transactions than Ethereum for the first time ever. The hot L2 chain is yet to drop its highly anticipated token.

And speaking of slashing, dYdX DAO has voted to slash its trading rewards by 45% to slow down the dYdX token’s inflation. Those trading fees were one of the tools dYdX used to lure day traders to its crypto derivatives trading platform, so let’s see what this does for trading volume.

Everybody who ever set up a Discord server has probably used the very useful Collab.Land bot. So the hopes for its COLLAB token drop were high. When the drop happened, some people got less than $1 worth and the price tanked hard on a lot of selling. Still, maybe the bot has some nifty plans up its metallic sleeve?

And in FUD news, a judge in the US ruled that emojis do legally count as financial advice. So careful who you send 🚀🚀💰 to.

Stay tuned!

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