DeFining news: June 2nd, 2023

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2 min readJun 2


Deutsche Telekom will become a validator for the Polygon L2 network, bringing the European telecom giant into Web3 infrastructure and showing yet another way to incorporate old-school corporations into the blockchain future.

Fantom is trying to encourage development on their blockchain by paying developers 15% of any fees their dApps generate.

A group of Australian and US scientists are proposing Bitcoin mining via quantum consensus boson sampling-based PoW scheme, which — combined with quantum computing hardware — would make Bitcoin mining faster and more energy efficient.

Curve’s new crvUSD stablecoin is so far trading within just a 0.5% range, far better than DAI (8%), FRAX (10%), and others did in their first month of trading.

A Hong Kong-based crypto custodian issued FDUSD, a stablecoin tied to the USD but under Asian regulations.

Speaking of stablecoins, Circle’s native USDC is coming to Arbitrum, replacing the proxy.

US Federal Reserve’s data shows that fully 10% of US adults hold crypto, down from 12% in 2021, indicating most are sticking it out through the bear market.

A telegram bot trading memecoins raked in a whopping $4.5M in fees in May — sign of a memecoin bubble top or just the beginning of the mania?

Jimbos Protocol hacker is ignoring the $800k bounty to return the loot, so it’s now available to the public to reverse-hack the hacker. Any takers?

The developers of the Yuan stablecoin have seemingly been arrested, following the same rumors about the Multichain team — sign of a possible Chinese crackdown on crypto in general and DeFi specifically.

Stay tuned!

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