DeFining news: June 9th, 2023

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2 min readJun 9, 2023


After the SEC sued Binance, suspended USD deposits and may freeze fiat withdrawals altogether.

Not only did the SEC sue Coinbase after suing Binance, they are targeting Coinbase Wallet for being an “unregistered broker.”

In better news, a judge dismissed the lawsuit against PoolTogether for allegedly running an “illegal lottery.”

DeFi tokens to ETH ratio is down by 80% compared to its all-time-high. What can that mean?

The EU will use blockchain to verify professional and educational credentials.

SWIFT (the one processing $5T daily b/w banks and the one so many blame for slow and expensive money transfers/clearance) is exploring cross-chain transfers for tokenized assets in partnership with banks around the world.

In the “wen enough stablecoins?” news, Aave is getting ready to launch its GHO stablecoin, pending community feedback.

In a successful proof-of-concept, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange tokenized a made-up government bond via an ERC-1155 security token, paving the way for tokenized fiat and bonds.

Atomic Wallet was hacked for $35M, with $8M of that coming from one user. Ouch.

Rocket Pool is looking to take a bite out of Lido’s dominance by launching rETH on zkSync Era.

Stay tuned!

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