DeFining news: May 26th, 2023

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2 min readMay 26, 2023

Solana has introduced a ChatGPT plugin to let the AI interface users do all sorts of crypto things like analyzing on-chain data or purchasing NFTs. But will it manage to help Solana’s decline vis-a-vis other blockchains?

Multichain may be the 5th largest bridge, but its token is in freefall after transactions are stuck longer than 24 hours and there are rumors of team members being arrested by Chinese police.

The token launch model pioneered by White Lotus is catching popularity quickly, with 20 forks already for the “partially backed asset with no inflation and unlimited liquidity” concept.

The amount of ETH available for purchase on exchanges hit a 5-year low this week. Is it caused by all the staking? Withdrawal to hard wallets? Something else?

Before you rush to build a dApp using Ethereum’s social consensus for resolving conflict, you may want to read Vitalik Buterin’s warning not to do so.

There is now $200M worth of tokenized bonds, bringing TradiFi even firmer into the blockchain world.

Tornado Cash suffered a governance attack with the hacker tricking members to give him more votes than all others. Then the same hacker put forward a proposal to give the control back.

The WDZD protocol was hacked for $1.1M by a previously-flagged exploiter

Ripple wants to integrate CBDCs with DeFi primitives. It remains to be seen how welcomed this will be by both Central Banks and DeFi natives.

Bank of Norway has asked the country’s government to develop its own, possibly more stringent crypto regulation than the EU-approved MiCA framework.

Stay tuned!

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