DeXe August Ecosystem Updatе (+ Kattana & 111PG)

We’re excited to share ecosystem updates from the last couple of months. Even as the war in Ukraine rages on, our team keeps building, as you can see in our Github repositories and the below updates.

Dexe Network

The Layer3 contest to showcase the power of Dexe DAO governance has concluded with much success in both activity and results. Inspired by the contest, we got a very substantial and intriguing proposal for an Ambassador Program on our forum from one community member.

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, our short video 1 and video 2 about key functionality of our flagship DeXe Investment product speak volumes.

Huobi is one of the biggest and oldest crypto exchanges. And they’re really getting active with community engagement. So we were very excited when Huobi listed DEXE and ran a trading contest with DEXE. And too top it all off, they then invited our Co-founder, Dmitriy Kotliarov, to do an AMA with Huobi. But wait, there’s more, as Huobi launched DEXE staking with an APY of up to 200%. What a wonderful partnership with a top-tier exchange!

Speaking of top exchanges and their networks, DEXE earned the distinction this month of being #1 in weekly trading volume on the BNB Chain. It was also in the Top 5 tokens in performance relative to Bitcoin and accounting for social activity, as measured by Alt Rank with their fine-tuned rankings system.


Kattana burst into DeFi with the goal to be the best possible DeFi trading terminal and it just keeps showing the world what being the best is all about. Seeing a Tron Hackathon happening, Kattana’s team could help but join and — win!


111PG just keeps doing what 111PG does best in DeFi — protect projects from bot attacks. The successful defenses of Catapult and Save the Moon are just the latest additions to its roster of happy clients. Obviously, this kind of success attracts media attention, including this interview with the 111PG CEO about the main types of attacks during an IDO.

Love and appreciate the hard work all the teams in the Dexe ecosystem are doing. And excited to keep sharing their progress with the community. Stay tuned and keep it DeXe!

Stay tuned!

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