DeXe’s CEO Summer Update: Flying through July

Hi everyone!

Yuriy Hotoviy, here — the СЕО and co-founder of

With so much happening in the Dexe Network’s development, collaborations, and community engagement, I figured that now is a great time to update you on what we’re up to (and maybe even open up the curtain a bit into our near future).

Just in a year, the BillTrade team built — an ecosystem containing a number of autonomous products, products that aim to change in a big way how people invest. And only with the help of a strong, active community can we build a truly massive ecosystem that will change the world. I’m really excited by what we’re about to release in the near and mid future.

But first, let’s recap for new DeXers what DeXe is all about. At our core, we believe that the future of trading is social (in DeFi, crypto as a whole, and indeed even in traditional finance). Our mission is to bring the full potential of social trading to DeFi, enabling traders, investors, and projects to find each other and work together for mutual benefit. We are achieving this goal step by step by bringing to market the various projects with practical and educational value of their own but which also function as pieces of a giant ecosystem that will end up as a one-stop-shop for all DeFi trading.

That last part is really important because, while there are several projects releasing similar products — none are building a unified and comprehensive platform that has it all and works seamlessly together for the benefit of traders and investors.

Product development

As you may already be aware, there are currently 7 core products in the DeXe ecosystem: Dexe Investment, Limit Swaps, Decentralized Tournament Service, Wallet-to-Wallet Copying tool, Wallet Info, Kattana Trading Terminal, and Anti-sniping Bot Service (111PG). But don’t be surprised if we add more based on pressing DeFi needs.

Dexe Investment is our flagship platform that will connect DeFi traders and investors in a transparent, accountable, and engaging way. In short: it’s a social trading tool unlike anything else on the market. It’s going to take DeFi trading to a whole new level.

With Dexe Investment, there will be a dynamic marketplace of traders and investors, but it will be a lot more than that. On the most basic level, traders will have to put up collateral to trade investor funds and will have their track record traced in real-time, with opportunities for tokenization, bonus promotional opportunities, and more. The incentives for traders, investors, and projects (promotional opportunities) will be massive.

Just imagine each trader being able to tokenize their success. Better yet, traders can become celebrities, attracting incentives from projects who want to market themselves or raise their trading volume. By selecting their own base trading currency, a trader can become a champion of that currency and even get perks from that project. Investors can build a portfolio of traders each specializing in a niche. Currently, there is no human way one can follow every niche in DeFi, let alone trade on it. That’s why having a robust social trading platform is the best way to trade DeFi, it’s the future.

To make trading even more secure, we had to come up with an innovative insurance component — 1/3 of our profit from the platform will fund its insurance pool. The insurance will work in a very simple way while also being reliable and effective. Stay tuned for details.

Limit Swaps is the “simple” thing that pro traders need yet has been missing in DeFi. Without setting limit, stop, etc. types of orders, traders are just accepting market prices in swaps — and that severely limits their available strategies. In becoming the go-to one-stop-shop for DeFi trading, we’re taking the step of giving advanced order capabilities to all traders so we can build a true social trading ecosystem.

Decentralized Tournament Service. We ran the first ever DeFi trading competition to engage with our community and showcase our tools. It blew past all of our expectations. As such, we realized that we can package tournaments as a service, especially since we did our trading marathons in partnership with other projects who got a ton of marketing and community engagement out of it. Projects started approaching us to do tournaments for them. So our team developed a system for tournaments (various kinds) that maximizes incentives and really engages the community. It may seem random, but engaging the community while encouraging trading and social activity makes for much stronger social trading (at the very least by creating more awareness of what it takes to trade and what could be gained from successful participation).

Wallet-to-Wallet Copying tool (W2W Copying) was the first product we released to the public (for free) to build a foundation for DeFi social trading. It’s extremely simple yet very effective by allowing anyone to type in any ERC-20 address and set automatic trades for specific assets that both the person’s wallet and the copied wallet have. So if the target is buying BNB with ETH, the “follower” can set the tool to automatically buy BNB with ETH in their own wallet. Just imagine: instead of trying to catch up to whales, insiders, etc., you can follow their wallets and trade when they trade. We’re expecting to release it for new blockchain networks very soon.

Wallet Info was developed as a response to the #1 question of W2W Copying users: How do I find good wallets? It’s also free and shows any wallet’s profitability both historically and for specific assets. Simple and effective, there is nothing quite like Wallet Info on the market. Its big picture benefit is in getting users to analyze trader track records and spot those they may want to follow for social trading.

Kattana Trading Terminal was not initially part of our ecosystem but joined it later as the synergy was obvious: the best DeFi trading terminal combined with our social trading tools makes for one very powerful platform. I think it will be even more amazing than just being The Bloomberg Terminal of Crypto. We’re releasing it very soon.

Anti-sniping Bot Service became known as 111PG (project guard) and is not only an incredibly effective tool to protect listings from the devastating damages of sniping bot attacks but is helping projects have more secure and scalable listings overall. This product has only been released for 2 months yet it is already leading the market. Maybe around 80% of the token listings today and in the near future who really care about their token use the protection of 111PG. This protection works on the ETH, BSC, and Poligon networks. And more services to provide greater security and protection from other market inefficiencies are coming.

Community engagement update

Our community is our backbone and is always on our mind. We love giving our community fun contests: trading competitions, social activity-based, etc. We’re planning some big airdrops for our community and have partners interested in dropping their tokens to our community too. The services of our ecosystem’s 111PG product will be generating token drops for DEXE holders because we want our community to directly benefit from our success.

Our community engagement has a strong focus on education to convert newer users to interacting with the DeXe interface, to spread the values of DeXe, to attract developers and non-speculative ecosystem contributors, and more. This is achieved e.g. through the development of high-quality documentation, support materials, and more.

An engaged community is really important to us, so a huge thanks to each of you for being such advocates for DeXe and our mission to bring social trading to DeFi!

Partnership update:

We are always on the search for solid projects doing the good work in strengthening DeFi that we can partner with for the sake of the entire ecosystem. Together, we can make DeFi better and do so faster. That’s why we’re working out the details of several interesting partnerships.

Of our current partnerships (Orion, Elrond, NEM, StaFi, and many others), several are with projects in the Binance family: PancakeSwap, Venus, Beefy). DEXE farms on PancakeSwap, Beefy and Autofarm are popular with our community and a model for future partnerships.

Co-founder’s Vision

We have a big team working on the entire ecosystem here, but I forgot to mention how important it is to create optimal governance that will include an NFT-based reputational system and that will solve most of the current problems of modern DAOs.

It will be the best tool for governing a company. Once activated in the DeXe ecosystem, it will continue to evolve all that is being built together by all community members. In the very near future, the team will present a new DAO memorandum and will then implement its governance and a transition to fully autonomous governance of the company.

What else? I rarely make “public appearances” since I spend all of my time behind the scenes developing our products but today wanted to share a bit of my vision with you:

111PG must have farming and it must turn into a marketplace of smart contracts, where any developer can list his contract and profit from others using it. At the same time, projects will be able to generate custom smart contracts as easily as putting together LEGO pieces, and those contracts will be reliable, secure, and auditable, with various protections and anything else projects need accessible in a couple of clicks.

After switching to DAO governance, we will have a treasury that the governance will control along with the insurance for DeXe Investment. Based on the insurance fund and the trader-governed treasury, a crypto pension fund of the future will be built. Because, ultimately, we want to create a system that benefits and takes care of every participant.

In Conclusion

As both the cofounder of DeXe and as someone who works on our products daily, I love seeing so much excitement from our community for the free tools we released, the competitions, etc. And other projects are coming to us for partnerships and to use our services, which is great for both engaging our community and funding continued development. With more products and product updates getting really close to being ready for the market, it’s a lot to look forward to for myself, the team, and all fellow DeXers. Let’s keep bringing social trading to DeFi, together!

About DeXe is a decentralized social trading ecosystem that operates via autonomous smart contracts and includes tools for virtual currency allocation and automatic rebalancing. It eliminates the risks of transferring digital wallet details such as private keys and API or any virtual currency data to a third party. Most importantly, the DeXe Network connects successful traders and followers in a transparent, verifiable way for the benefit of both groups.

Stay tuned!


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