DeXe DAO November Update

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3 min readDec 1, 2023


As it turns out, November was a very important month not just for the DeXe Protocol DAO but for the entire DAO governance market overall.

The absolute highlight was officially launching the Protocol and deploying it on its first chain — BNB Chain. This marks the beginning of big changes for our DAO and indeed a new era for the DAO governance market overall.

The physical launch was accompanied by the release of the DeXe Protocol Whitepaper, where we outline the 5 biggest roadblocks currently holding DAOs back and how the Protocol can help DAO communities break right through them. The whitepaper lays out DeXe’s mission to be the protocol for more equitable and effective DAO governance (and the details of how it achieves that).

With security always being DeXe's top concern, the Protocol finished undergoing two more audits: from Cyfrin and Ambisafe. The Protocol’s smart contracts are now additionally protected by on-chain defense from Spherex that quickly catches strange on-chain behaviors. As a result of this unwavering commitment to security, the DeXe Protocol currently contains over 50 on-chain-protected smart contracts tested by DAO contributors and 5 outside audits.

Within a month of the official launch, we’ve already seen the first product built on the Protocol — the DeXe DAO Studio, an interface that showcases to the whole world the full capabilities and innovation of the Protocol in a single, convenient UI.

The deployment of the Protocol marked big changes for the DAO as well, as the DAO’s governance contract was also deployed. With the DeXe DAO Studio being such a user-friendly governance portal, the DeXe Protocol DAO is moving its governance there, making it even easier to be governed following all the principles and ambitions of the Protocol. Now, members of all skill levels can govern the DeXe Protocol DAO with ease via the Studio.

Soon the members of the DeXe Association Council will put forward their vision of DAO governance (keep an eye on DeXe socials for updates).

In another big step for the sustained success of our DAO, we launched a Rewards Program aimed at exponentially increasing engagement and improving the effectiveness of decision-making within the DAO.

Overall, November was action-packed with insightful conversations. Together with the DeXe Association Council members, Cyfrin representatives, and members of the DeXe DAO Studio team, we did a deep dive into our updated whitepaper and the Protocol’s true value for the DAO universe.

As always, our weekly Twitter Spaces brought together interesting guests tackling the most pressing issues in DAO governance. Powerful DAO voices like Naomi, Nifty Kimchi, Daniel Ospina, Puncar, and, as always, Mia.

DeXe DAO Protocol’s contributors made new connections at WebSummit, Devconnect, and many side events, making sure to share the specific solutions the Protocol offers to the governance market.

With December upon us, we invite you to build and create on the DeXe Protocol — it’s ready and waiting for you!

Stay tuned!

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