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2 min readNov 1, 2023


October was more like DAOctober for DeXe as our contributors have been active in DAO education, partnerships, and — of course — building.

Education remains a key area of focus since the goal of the DeXe Protocol DAO is not only to keep developing the best DAO tooling but also to help all DAOs become more effective, transparent, and equitable. To that end, we keep bringing knowledgeable guests to our weekly DAO Talks. In October we had panels on:

Plus a special AMA with the LTO Network about DAOs and integrations. Each had a lively discussion with brainstorming that led to so many interesting ideas, it would not be surprising to see someone in the space implementing some of them soon.

As a sneak preview, not only will we have another DAO Talk on the last day of October — with a special guest no less — but we are also launching a new Twitter Space focused on DAO analytics, in partnership with our friends at ThePass.

Binance being the biggest crypto exchange, it was a big deal to see our contributor pitching the Protocol on their live stream. Similarly, Binance launched a Learn & Earn program for the Protocol and it got over 90k participants in just 4 days. Thus, it was a very successful initiative that allowed many new people to learn about DeXe.

Some of our contributors went to Dubai to present the Protocol to the wider DeFi community at the WoW Summit and make connections with fellow builders at the ABC Conclave. While in UAE, our contributor also presented at the RAK DAO Digital Asset Oasis launch event.

The DeXe DAO Studio, the first product built on top of the Protocol launched a new phase of their journey, exploring and experimenting with the new functionalities offered by the Protocol. The Studio is also rapidly making important partnerships such as the one with the RAK DAO crypto regulator in OAE, a partnership that allows DAOs to get the best of both regulatory and technical support, as well as potentially bringing many new DAOs to use the DeXe Protocol.

Thus, DAOctober went by very productively and very fast, opening the way for DAOvember.

Stay tuned!

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