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2 min readOct 3, 2023


September has been the most exciting month this year for DeXe. Why? Because we did a ton of work laying out the foundation for the release of our DeXe Protocol. The first step of that was the big rebranding: new logo, updated website, and a number of other updates that make it really clear what DeXe is all about and why it matters. What’s really cool is that our Protocol is already generating buzz. There is even a first product built on top of it, the DeXe DAO Studio — a platform anybody can use to create effective DAOs! The Studio team is coming out of the gate hot, launching a big Ambassador Program to build its community.

But let’s first go back to the beginning of September when we also had something new to announce: a new bridge for $DEXE on the BNB Chain. And not just any bridge: the well-regarded Wormhole one. This allowed $DEXE to be securely bridged from BNB Chain to the ETH chain. The KuCoin team is supporting this updated version of the $DEXE token.

As the DeXe Protocol is approaching release, we’re making sure to cross all the ‘t’s with comprehensive outside audits. In September, Certik completed its audit of our smart-contracts, adding to the audits previously done by Haken and Ambisafe.

DeXe contributors attended the unforgettable Token2049 conference in Singapore along with a lot of fascinating side events, making important connections and getting valuable feedback on the Protocol.

DeXe formed an R&D partnership with LTO to bring Real World Assets (RWAs) to the blockchain in a GDPR-compliant way.

Our weekly DAO Talks have become a Tuesday staple for many. In September, we held them in the now-familiar panel format and so far covered:

· Chat with Edwin and Mischa0x

· Delegation: How do you get delegates truly motivated?

· DAO evolution: Did it get stunted? And how do we kick it back into high gear?

· Notifications: One feature that plays a surprisingly huge role in governance.

And tomorrow, we’ll have a panel about Rewards (topic touched upon in nearly every single space we held).

Our educational mission continues resonating with multiple media publications covering DeXe. Bankless Times revealed how we’re introducing the “Hammurabi Code of DAOs” and broke the news of the first product built on top of our DeXe Protocol. Masternode Buzz talked about how DeXe is redefining DAO governance. And Crypto Monday wrote about DeXe for the German-speaking audience.

Heading into October with a new look and a lot more to show, everyone contributing to DeXe is pretty stoked. See you there!

Stay tuned!

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