DeXe DAO’s Ambassador Program: Massive win for the community

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2 min readFeb 7, 2023

In DeFi, when you give power to the community, magic happens. This is even more true with DAOs, as DeXe DAO’s own community demonstrated.

A few months ago, a community member proposed a detailed, 4-monthlong-stage Ambassador Program that other members improved upon, and voted into existence. Now that it has concluded, its success is evident in many measurable and immeasurable ways.

By the numbers

The program has over 1000 participants. Even more importantly, these were active, engaged participants. This is obvious from their having completed over 26,000 Gleam tasks, submitting 1,500 translations of DeXe articles into a number of different languages, and creating over 10,000 pieces of original content.

Very active. Much social.

The Ambassador Program’s participants took to Twitter, Discord, and other social networks. They created too many dank memes to count, shared great content with each other, offered help to each other in better understanding all the nuances of the DeXe protocol, and so much more. Our community showed that it gets and believes in DeXe.

Making the news

All this activity got major crypto media to really put a spotlight on DeXe, often using it as an example of DAO management done right. Articles started popping up on, Coinpedia, Bitcoinist, NewsBTC, and others. So many influencers applied via the Ambassador Program’s influencer component to share DeXe with their followers too. It’s starting to snowball in the best way. Clearly, the community is letting the world know about DeXe in the most exciting and engaging way, and that alone is making this Ambassador Program well worth it.


With $10,000 in $DEXE split among the program’s top participants and another $30,000 set aside for influencers, the Ambassador Program is a shining example of a DAo community using the treasury and the proposal process to create and execute an effective marketing plan. Effective for DeXe’s growth and rewarding for its participants, the Ambassador Program shows that DeXe is a true DAO and that trust in your community is fundamental to crypto projects’ success.

Stay tuned!

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