DeXe Ecosystem Updatе, including Kattana & 111PG

Despite some team members still having to work on DeXe in bomb shelters in Ukraine, multiple parts of the DeXe ecosystem are firing on all cylinders. So here’s an update for our community.

Dexe Network

We had a Binance Live session buzzing with excitement, even did a bit of product demoing (which gathered much interest).

Speaking of Binance, our staking there is live with . Make your DEXE earn for you, why not?

Security is key for successful capital management and so we’re getting our Dexe Investment smart contracts externally audited.

With security covered, it’s important to make sure DeXe is truly decentralized. Read up on our and check out our code on .

Lastly, being a global network, we had to stop by the Dubai Expo (where we were proud to be part of the Ukraine pavilion). Lots of brilliant projects, investors, and overall crypto evangelists there.


To be the trading terminal of DeFi, Kattana is connecting crypto traders across blockchains. So its recent addition of to let Avalanche network users enjoy the Kattana trading experience right in Trader Joe was very exciting news indeed.

Want to optimize your liquidity? You can now check for the best APY among all the chains and DEXs you can find on Kattana. Plus, you can check the liquidity charts for each trading pair. More informed means more ready to pounce on the best opportunities.

Moving forward, it’s good to look back at how it started, especially with Kattana just having .

Who are the Top Traders on Kattana? You can find out with a the team recently released.


Guess who keeps saving projects lots of money and even more community trust? That’s right, just ask ($50,000 saved) or ($128,700).

DeXe team wasn’t the only one networking in Dubai as the 111PG team attended the AIBC Dubai Summit and made some key connections there. They also stopped by the Binance Blockchain Week.

Most importantly, 111PG is expending to : against frontrunning and agains tsandwich attacks.

These are the updates and more are already on the way. So stay tuned and keep it DeXe!

Stay tuned!

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