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2 min readDec 29, 2022

DeXe recently sponsored the UkraineFilmFest fundraiser, which raised both awareness of ad the war in Ukraine and brought in more funds to help Ukraine defend itself.

It took place in Hollywood, CA, London, and Kyiv. In Kyiv, a few of our core team members stopped by and were absolutely in awe of the guests of honor. Those included heroic Ukrainian soldiers, Myhaylo Dianov and Oleh Klochkivskiy, the legendary Azovstal factory defenders who were recently freed from a Russian POW camp.

The night began with a song by Ukrainian music celebrity, DOROFEEVA. Also in attendance were Kateryna Prokopenko, the wife of the Azovstal battalion commander, another Azov officer, Ilya Samoylenko, producer Andriy Rizol, director Bogan Zheleznyak of the Ma! Film fame, and Iryna Gorova, CEO of MOЗGI Group.

The fundraiser was organized by EnoughTea Foundation with support from the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, UNITED24, Maltin on Movies, and the “Watch Ukrainian” association.

Featured films included “On one’s own territory” by Oleksandr Kiriyenko, “Anna” by Oles’ Sanin, “Doors” by Natalia Davydenko, “The smell of the field” by Andriana Yarmonova, “Cello” by Olesya Morhunets, “Remember me” by Serhiy Zeynalov, “MOM!” by Bohdan Zheleznyak, “Dad’s Sneakers” by Olha Zhurba, “The Illusion of Control” by Vladek Zankovsky, “Winner” by Mykhailo Illienko, “Adamivna” by Oleksandr Bykov, “INO” by Kadym Tarasov, “Deep Love” by Nikita Lyskov, “I, Robot” by Roman Bordun.

This was part of the UNITED24 program launched by Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a program that raised over $200 million to support Ukraine with the help of many Hollywood celebrities.

Some Dexe Network’s core team members continue to work in Ukraine on our flagship product, despite constant bombings, lack of electricity and water, and other harsh realities of war. Like all Ukrainians, they are encouraged by foreign support and are praying for the war to end soon. UkraineFilmFest is yet another much-appreciated sign that the world cares and wants to help, and the DeXe team members in attendance saw that firsthand.

Stay tuned!

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