DEXE in on BSC with a Binance Official bridge

As an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum chain, DEXE is already popular with traders, which shows confidence in the DeXe.Network’s tech. And now, DEXE is on Binance as well, right on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This allows more people than ever to have access to DEXE and awareness of the innovative social trading tools developed by the Dexe Network DAO. Ultimately, though, traders want to quickly and easily move funds between different chains. There are a number of third-party integrations and bridges connecting chains, but nothing is as smooth as an official bridge.

With DEXE coming to Binance, traders now have access to ample liquidity in DEXE on Binance and can easily trade the DEXE/BUSD pair.

To help with smooth trading between the two chains, Binance has added DEXE to a bridge between the BSC and Ethereum networks. Binance is a major exchange and BSC is a highly successful chain with explosive growth in recent months. Adding DEXE to an official bridge shows Binance’s confidence in the team behind it and the products the Dexe Network is bringing to market for turning DeFi into a space where traders have the tools as good as and even better than in centralized finance, and where they can execute on strategies that were previously beyond their dreams.

DeXe Network’s Co-Founder, Dmitriy Kotliarov feels “honored by this endorsement from Binance. The closer we work together, the stronger the infrastructure will be for every user.”

The bridge is a sign of a close partnership between Binance and the Dexe Network. It makes it easy for traders to swap between DEXE and the multitude of tokens on Binance. As DeFi rapidly scales up, it has a window of opportunity to attract retail investors and traders, and then go mainstream, dominating industries previously owned by entrenched players who are too slow to change and are full of friction for users. By removing intermediaries and embracing blockchain technology, DeFi brings the potential for more transparency, better returns, more inclusion, and novel strategies to financial markets. The Dexe Network team is playing a significant role in that by giving both traders and followers powerful social trading and asset management tools.

The Wallet-to-Wallet Copying tool is already getting the Dexe Network a lot of fans since it allows anyone to subscribe to and automatically copy the trades of any ERC-20 wallet. No longer do retail investors have to learn about the moves of whales and visionaries from news outlets. Instead, identifying someone who makes the right moves at the same time can give someone the same level of access.

The creation of the custom bridge will help the growth of both the Dexe Network community and the overall network of traders and followers who see that DeFi is ripe with plays to make. It will empower millions of DeFi users to choose which network to use for social trading and switch between the two at a moment’s notice. In short, it’s helping create a well-functioning ecosystem.

About DeXe

Dexe.Network is a decentralized social trading platform that operates via autonomous smart contracts and includes tools for virtual currency allocation and automatic rebalancing. It eliminates the risks of transferring digital wallet details such as private keys and API or any virtual currency data to a third party. Most importantly, the DeXe Network connects successful traders and followers in a transparent, verifiable way for the benefit of both groups.

About Binance

Binance has been one of the leading global crypto exchanges since practically its founding. It single-handedly created the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) movement. Its various accelerator programs have helped to launch dozens of projects that are now integral to the blockchain ecosystem. Today, it continues to innovate with the highly successful launch of the Binance Smart Chain, a low-gas and fast alternative to the Ethereum network.

Binance Official bridge

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