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3 min readMar 1, 2023

The first two months of 2023 flew by so fast, it’s time to review what the start of the year meant for the DeXe community.

DeXe itself has evolved a lot in the two years since launch, taking on more ambitious goals to match DeFi market demands. Here is an overview of that growth that we published in January.

The DeXe DAO’s inaugural Ambassador Program ran its 4th and final stage in January, but there was a nice twist — it was in partnership with, a sister project to DeXe and an absolutely brilliant DeFi trading terminal.

With DeXe developing a powerful DAO governance and creation tool, we took a look at how top DAOs currently manage their treasury and governance. Read it for yourself and tell us what you think. We also did a deep dive into how DAOs reward active members (and how it could be improved). Speaking of member activity, here is a good analysis of on-chain vs. off-chain voting. And since rewards come from a treasury, here is our take on what one can do with a DAO treasury.

Speaking of DeXe and DAO treasuries, someone at must be paying attention because they loved DeXe’s DAO treasury management approach in their article on DAO treasury diversification.

DeXe continued attracting media attention with an article in Coinpedia about better alternatives to multisig-based DAO governance. Multisignature wallets were all the rage earlier, but now there are better ways for a community to govern a DAO in a decentralized and autonomous way (and be rewarded for it).

No matter how busy he gets, our Co-Founder, Dmitriy, still takes the time to be part of the discussion about the present and future of crypto. Dmitriy recently went to Davos to be part of the bigger economic conversation. He also contributed to the high-level discussions at the invite-only Satoshi Roundtable. Team members continue to spread the word about DeXe worldwide, including recently in Delaware, USA.

Our other Co-Founder, Yuriy, took some time to talk with the famous Hackernoon publication about the extent to which DAO structures can improve large corporations (including a very big one already implementing it). Meanwhile, our CMO, Roman Melnyk, did an AMA with KuKoin that included prizes for those tuning in (DeXe also collaborated with KuKoin on a big SuperBowl contest). Everyone on the team is pitching in and helping the world know about DeXe and the future of DeFi. They even attended a Crypto & Blockchain in Ukraine 2023 event, showcasing what a crypto project with Ukrainian roots can do even in the middle of a war.

The $DEXE token has its own media following. It’s one of the favorites at Huobi. It was included in Crypto Dep’s top projects with a market cap of <$200M and top DAO projects by social activity. Our token was also the top gainer by weekly volume according to Cryptolaxy.

As usual, the technical development of the DeXe protocol is in full swing behind the scenes. Between that and community updates, stay tuned for an interesting March.

Stay tuned!

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