DeXe joins the UkraineFilmFest fundraiser

As DeXe’s long-time community members and HODLers know, some members of the Dexe Network’s core team, including both co-founders, are Ukrainian and are still in the country 9 months after Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. So of course we jumped at the opportunity to sponsor the UkraineFilmFest fundraiser as yet another way to help Ukraine defend itself.

Taking place on November 20th in Hollywood, CA with simultaneous screenings in London and Kyiv on November 26th, UkraineFilmFest is set to showcase the best of Ukraine’s film industry. It is organized by EnoughTea Foundation. Among the global organizations supporting the festival are the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, UNITED24, Maltin on Movies, and the “Watch Ukrainian” association.

Many of the films have already attracted attention at various international film festivals. The audience is treated to such interesting films as “On one’s own territory” by Oleksandr Kiriyenko, “Anna” by Oles’ Sanin, “Doors” by Natalia Davydenko, “The smell of the field” by Andriana Yarmonova, “Cello” by Olesya Morhunets, “Remember me” by Serhiy Zeynalov, “MOM!” by Bohdan Zheleznyak, “Dad’s Sneakers” by Olha Zhurba, “The Illusion of Control” by Vladek Zankovsky, “Winner” by Mykhailo Illienko, “Adamivna” by Oleksandr Bykov, “INO” by Kadym Tarasov, “Deep Love” by Nikita Lyskov, “I, Robot” by Roman Bordun.

The UkraineFilmFest fundraiser is part of the UNITED24 program launched by none other than Ukraine’s own President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The effort has already raised over $200 million to support Ukraine. Many Hollywood celebrities are helping raise donations as part of the fundraiser.

This war is an inexcusable, unprovoked tragedy. Among thousands of Ukrainian citizens’ lives lost are many leading figures in Ukraine’s art scene, such as National Opera’s Artem Datsishin, actors Pasha Lee and Oksana Shvets, and others.

The Dexe Network’s team members continue to work on our flagship product from bunkers and houses left without electricity and running water as the first snow is already falling on Kyiv. It’s hard, but they — as well as all Ukrainians — are encouraged by the international support and by the appreciation for Ukraine’s culture around the world in these hard times. With UkraineFilmFest, viewers can get a better understanding of Ukraine’s resilience and determination to remain free while supporting them in a very direct and meaningful way via the raised funds. DeXe is happy to be a small part of that effort.

Stay tuned!

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