DeXe June Ecosystem Updatе (+ Kattana & 111PG)

Despite some team members still having to work on DeXe in bomb shelters in Ukraine, multiple parts of the DeXe ecosystem are firing on all cylinders. So here’s an update for our community.

Dexe Network

DEXE is everywhere. Our project’s native token is easy to notice as it’s making its way across major exchanges and wallets. As of recently, you can find it in’s wallet. It has also been added to Coinbase Custody.

Speaking of major exchanges, our close partnership with Binance continues to shine, with the Dexe Network recently participating in the Binance Lite Referral Activity contest.

Of course, the development work is going full steam ahead. Keep an eye on our Github for all the details.


Priding itself on being the best DeFi trading terminal to embrace multinetwork trading, Kattana surprised the Elrond community with some great news: they can now trade on the Maiar.Exchange directly from All the top-notch tools of Kattana at their disposal.

Users of the IMpossible Swap got similar great news from Kattana, which now lets them trade directly from the Kattana terminal to take full advantage of such tools as Live-time multicharts and APY checker, for example.

And speaking of best trading tools, did you know that Kattana provides:

  • 1-sec time frames
  • Top traders tool
  • Pair liquidity chart

Among their many pro-trader tools available to anyone. But, as you know, Dexe Network ecosystem products don’t stop at current achievements. So the Kattana team has exciting updates about to be released:

1. Unique limit orders that will always be executed at the price specified in the order.

2. Launch of the pro plans for $KTN holders ($KTN tokens have a purpose).

3. Pleasant surprise with trading chart updates.

4. Trade widget customization (already available — go play with it!).


Nothing much happening with 111PG, except for it becoming one of the few real DAOs in DeFi, with an innovative NFT + token auction that rewards even the “losers” and gives the NFTs living attributes like you’ve never seen before.

And 111PG is expanding its activity from anti-sniping bot protection to also protecting against frontrun and sandwich bot attacks.

On top of that, 111PG is becoming a Launchpad for new projects, as well as an Accelerator with marketing and liquidity support for selected projects. Expect 111PG to be the go-to platform for great projects to launch and savvy investors to find their next gem.

Of course, 111PG didn’t lose sight of its first and core mission and has defended over 50 projects already from sniping bot attacks (with many more in the queue). One such recent example is the ZOA group launch where the bots bought over 2,000,000 ZOA tokens but were stopped in their tracks and the project was saved over $127,000.

Let’s face it — 111PG is turning heads. And Hacken was one of the big players to notice, partnering with 111PG to offer greater security in DeFi together.

So many exciting updates. So many more still to tell you about next time. Stay tuned and keep it DeXe!

Stay tuned!

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