• The marathon counts transactions on the Uniswap (ETH network), PancakeSwap (BSC network), and QuickSwap (Polygon network). Other swaps won’t be counted
  • Only the following 20 tokens will count towards your trading volume total:
  • If you trade more than 5 tokens your total volume will be divided by coefficient 5 regardless of the number of tokens you will trade (so if you’re trading 7 or 9 or even 20 of the above tokens, your total volume will be divided by 5)
  • Winners will be determined by average trading volume in each of the rounds — so the higher your avеrage volume, the higher in the rankings you can get
  • We’ll publish the list of winners a few days after the end of each round
  • We will also award limited NFTs to influencers and users who most actively promote the competition. We’ll keep an eye on all social networks and will announce the winners at the end of the competition. To make sure you don’t miss out on this limited-edition NFT< please also send your videos, posts, articles, etc. about the competition in the Telegram bot
  • Keep an eye on our official social channels and Telegram bot to make sure you don’t miss any important updates
  • Be active in the DeXe Network community and those of our partners — share updates about the competition, your results, etc. And don’t forget to invite friends to participate in the marathon via your personal referral link (we’ll keep an eye on active inviters when deciding on the active member rewards). Remember that influencers and active users who best promote the competition will get the coveted limited-edition NFTs
  1. Add wallets you do not own to the competition
  2. Register more than one wallet per person
  1. Trade tokens not in the list above (again, volume won’t count)
  2. Trade less than 5 tokens from the list above



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