DeXe Network Content Contest: Part 2

Fellow DeXers - we’re excited to announce the second page of the engaging community contest where the most active users will divide a prize pool of $1,000 worth of DEXE + some awesome bonuses from our Founders.

The rules are very simple - keep an eye on our Telegram chat where we’ll post questions and quests (and pin them to the top). The first 10 people to give a well-explained answer will get points and join the leaderboard. At the end of the contest, the top 10 people in that list will divide th eprize pool accordingly:

Start date: September 6th, 2021

End date: September 25th, 2021

Winners will be announced several days after the end date.

To have a chance at winning, you must:

  • Follow our Twitter plus TG channel and chat
  • Be an active community member


  1. Fill out this Form
  2. Make sure to publish your answer as a reply to the post with the question (no other response will count)
  3. Only one answer per participant

How we calculate points:

Points depend on how correct and complete your answer is. Each answered question can get you 5–50 points. You can only answer each question until the next one is posted.

Remember that the most active participants who demonstrate the best knowledge of the DeXe Network in the first and/or second stage of the contest will be invited into our Heroes program.


The DeXe Network team reserves the rights to cancel the contest, change the rules, or remove any participants at any time and for any reason, without prior notice

About DeXe

Dexe.Network is a decentralized ecosystem of social trading that works via autonomous smart contracts and includes tools for distributing virtual currency and automatic rebalancing. This removes the risk of passing the information of your digital wallet such as your private key, API, etc. to a 3rd party. Most importantly, the DeXe Network connects successful traders to followers in a transparent and verifiable way for the benefit of both parties.

Stay tuned!

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Dexe Network is an ecosystem of tools that bring professional trading to DeFi

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Dexe Network is an ecosystem of tools that bring professional trading to DeFi

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