DeXe Network infographic contest

Hey DeXers, we just wrapped up a fun trading contest with many winners showcasing their trading skills. But why stop there?

Do you have creative skills like making graphic or, better yet, infographics? Want to show off a bit and help grow our awesome community? And of course there are prizes. So…. drumroll… we got a mini contest for you:

Use cases of our beloved DEXE token and the benefit to holders.

Make an infographic with the main use cases of DEXE and what benefits holding DEXE gives to people. Post your infographic to Twitter, tagging #DEXEusecase

The creators of the best infographics will get:

*All rewards given in DEXE based on the exchange rate at the time of sending the reward

Quick rules:

1. Must be subscribed to our Telegram channel and chat

2. And to our Twitter channel

3. Must be active in the community

Contest starts: July 27th, 2021

Ends: August 5th, 2021

Check the useful links below (you can find more information in our Medium blog):

Now go show off your infographic skills!! There’s money and pride points to be won, not to mention bragging rights. Can you make the coolest infographic or what?

About DeXe

Dexe.Network is a decentralized social trading ecosystem that operates via autonomous smart contracts and includes tools for virtual currency allocation and automatic rebalancing. It eliminates the risks of transferring digital wallet details such as private keys and API or any virtual currency data to a third party. Most importantly, the DeXe Network connects successful traders and followers in a transparent, verifiable way for the benefit of both groups.

Stay tuned!


Official telegram channel:

Official telegram EN chat:







Dexe Network is an ecosystem of tools that bring professional trading to DeFi

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Dexe Network is an ecosystem of tools that bring professional trading to DeFi

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