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2 min readJan 21, 2021


DeXe Network Partners with DAO Maker to Accelerate the Adoption of Defi Social Trading

DeXe Network is a social trading platform that bridges the current gap between Defi and Cefi, operating as autonomous smart contracts to connect users and professional traders in a decentralized manner. To ensure the upcoming main product release successful in the first quarter of 2021, DeXe Network is partnering with DAO Maker for marketing consultancy and collaboration to efficiently bring social trading to the masses.

As a technology consultancy company that works with leading innovators in the blockchain industry, DAO Maker understands the fundamental critical challenges DeXe Network faces, combining multiple services and solutions to undertake these problems that bring great opportunities for the rapid growth of DeXe Network.

DeXe Network is looking for the right traders and followers to form its community, bringing organic supporters and the right audience to the social trading movement. With an excellent track record, DAO Maker focuses on bringing long-term value to clients they work with, enabling an active and loyal community to support any DAO Maker project in the long-run, making DAO Maker an ideal partner to work with.

DeXe Network’s Co-Founder, Dmitriy Kotliarov, noted how “DAO Maker is really good at selecting top DeFi projects and immediately understanding both the specific benefit and the specific audience.”

With DAO Maker’s rich experience and professional expertise, DeXe Network is in for a ride to accelerate Defi social trading, adding another successful project to DAO Maker’s portfolio.

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