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4 min readFeb 1, 2021

The build that can radically transform DeFi trading

Trading in DeFi is a jungle that’s often extremely frustrating, with too many manual steps and complexities. The main mission of the DeXe Network is to simplify much of that into an automatic and transparent way for both traders and followers to increase their DeFi earnings. To that end, our team is developing an entire suite of instruments to curb risk, save time, and significantly increase income for the instruments’ users.

We are implementing our vision step-by-step and will soon release what our community has been most excited about — our main DeXe Network platform. Today, we’re very excited to share a key step on that journey: the release of W2W Copying 2.0.

Rather than being a mere upgrade, this is a totally new build of W2W Copying, created with the help of community feedback. Thank you: your requests and suggestion after the release of 1.0 helped us create something with the UX and security features you have to try (not to mention the automatic copying functionality that makes W2W 2.0 such a turning point for DeFi trading). This is the future of trading — secure, convenient, and profitable. And we’re all building it together.

Wallet to Wallet Copying 2.0 allows you to…

Increase the value of the DEXE tokens with every transaction fee

Every product within the DeXe Network ecosystem has a built-in use case for DEXE — and W2W Copying is no exception. The 0.25% fee from each transaction remains in the W2W Copying tool’s smart contract until it accumulates enough to do a DEXE buyback. Then our community votes (in a true DAO manner) on what to do with this bought DEXE, including even burning them if so desired.

Copy every transaction of a trader in one click

You can verify each transaction manually or create dozens of subscriptions for one followed wallet. With 1 click, you can create your own smart contract and fund it — now copying will be done automatically, with an ability to copy every single transaction of the followed wallet (which significantly increases the automation of following). The smart contract you thus created will be able to interact with every part of the Dexe Network ecosystem.

What’s your preferred way to copy?

W2W 2.0 doesn’t limit your number of subscriptions and gives you two copying modes:

*Following* — create a smart contract to copy every trade in the selected asset of the followed wallet — the entire process is automated.

*Оne time following* — copies only one trade from the followed wallet.

You can turn on Proportional copying and if the followed wallet trades 50%/20%/100%/etc. of an asset you’re following, you will trade 50%/20%/100%/etc. of it in your wallet.

You can set your default mode or choose a different mode for every wallet you are following.

Control slippage

Set the maximum slippage percent you’re willing to tolerate. Anything higher, and the trade won’t be copied.

Avoid small volume head fakes

Using Minimum Exchange Volume filter, you can set how much of the held asset the followed wallet must trade before you copy the trade. So if the targeted wallet sells, for example, just 5% of its ETH, you won’t get rid of all your ETH.

Asset losing liquidity? Be the first to sell it.

Liquidity (rug) pulls by scam projects are all too common in DeFi and have caused many traders with holding a whole lot of an asset they can’t sell. Trading via DeXe Network’s W2W 2.0, you can turn on a “liquidity filter,” fine-tune its settings to your needs, and if an asset loses more liquidity than the maximum % you indicated in the settings — the system will automatically sell your tokens of that asset. Plus, if you enable frontrunning (coming soon), you may be able to sell the asset before the liquidity wall is hit, getting out just in the nick of time.

Smarter copying with the Zero filter

Thanks to this filter, our system can tell when an asset was moved from the followed wallet without actually being sold into another asset (for example, by moving it to another wallet or a CEX or by using it to provide liquidity). In this case, with the Zero filter enabled, the system will automatically sell your tokens of that asset as soon as the followed token moves theirs.

Save your favorite wallets to follow

No need to keep a list of the wallets you like — you can simply add an unlimited number of wallet addresses to “Favorites” and even name each one so you can quickly find it when needed.

Get Telegram notifications of trades

No need to check W2W every 5 minutes — just turn notifications on and get pinged by our Telegram bot for every trade you copy.

These are just some of the benefits of W2W 2.0, together giving you a way to make power trades without spending a lot of time studying each asset or needing to be an expert trader. Just find the wallets you think are making the right moves and copy them-automatically. DeFi trading has never been this easy.

We can’t wait for you to take it for a spin and give us your valuable feedback. We plan to reward the most active users and give them access to testing all the DeXe Network tools before the public release. More on that in the coming days, so keep an eye on announcements and let’s take DeFi trading to a whole new level together.

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