DeXe passes a security audit from Ambisafe

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2 min readAug 17, 2023

Security is non-negotiable when releasing a product that deals with people’s funds and governance decisions. That’s why DeXe is making sure that our smart-contracts are thoroughly audited by outside experts.

DeXe is happy to report that we passed the first of two planned audits from Ambisafe, a company that has audited some of the biggest organizations in blockchain.

Per ambisafe’s findings:

“There are no known compiler bugs for the specified compiler version (0.8.9), that might affect the contracts’ logic. There were 3 critical, 3 major, 14 minor, 32 informational and optimizational findings identified in the initial version of the contracts. All the minor and above severity findings were addressed and were not found in the final version of the code, while a few of the optimizations and notes remain acknowledged in favor of code readability and design choices.”

You can read their full audit here.

The audit covers all aspects of DeXe smart-contracts for creating and operating DAOs, including the distribution of treasury funds and integration with outside protocols.

This first audit will be followed by a second, “diff” audit, which will evaluate the changes we’ve made since submitting for their initial one. We will update on that one after the audit is completed.


About Ambisafe

Ambisafe’s experts are particularly skilled at finding potential vulnerabilities. Their audits have already found system vulnerabilities in over 100 companies (including Github, Coinbase, Hacken, and Binance), saving them over $80 million.

About DeXe

The DeXe Protocol allows people to create and govern DAOs in a meritocratic way, with proper incentive alignment and wide flexibility. It’s designed to help DAOs grow fast and sustainably, with active and useful participation of members and an emphasis on expertise. The DeXe Protocol is governed by the DeXe DAO

Stay tuned!

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