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2 min readAug 29, 2023


DeXe Protocol’s smart contracts have already passed an external audit from Ambisafe recently. Now Hacken has also completed their audit of DeXe. When user funds are on the line, security is the most important consideration.

As such, better safe than sorry — two pairs of outside security expert eyes are better than one (and in the case of Hacken’s 60+ blockchain security pro engineers, that’s many pairs of well-trained eyes and their elite auditing code).

DeXe passed Hacken’s thorough audit and came away with valuable insights into any potential vulnerabilities. The audit was actually composed of several distinct audits, going back several months in order to account for new code coming in and to be as strict as possible. DeXe received top marks in each category of the audit:

Documentation quality: 10 out of 10

Code quality: 10 out of 10

Test coverage: 100%

Security score: 10 out of 10

Overall: 10 out of 10

The earliest audit found 37 issues, 2 of them critical. The latest one found only 3 low-level issues, with 0 medium, high, or critical ones.

You can read their full audit on Hacken’s website or directly here.

This comprehensive and lengthy audit is necessary to look at our smart-contract security from all the angles. Similarly, it’s important to submit to audits from multiple expert groups, with each using their own specialty tools and expertise to find even the slightest vulnerabilities.


About Hacken

Hacken is a trusted blockchain security auditor with over 1200 audits under its belt. Out of all those protocols audited by Hacken, absolutely zero of them were exploited in 2022. Its team of 60+ top-notch engineers catches vulnerabilities before hackers can. Hacken performs audits of smart contracts, blockchain protocols, proof of reserves, dApps, penetration testing, CCSS, tokenomics, and can even run a bug bounty program.

About DeXe

The DeXe Protocol allows people to create and govern DAOs in a meritocratic way, with proper incentive alignment and wide flexibility. It’s designed to help DAOs grow fast and sustainably, with active and useful participation of members and an emphasis on expertise. The DeXe Protocol is governed by the DeXe DAO

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