DeXe year in review: Rise of the Ecosystem

The Dexe Network entered 2021 working on our flagship trading platform product (Dexe Investment). But as the year started to take shape so did a vision within our team of a much bigger purpose that DeXe can serve for the greater DeFi community.

We started by giving the community two free tools: Wallet Info to find — and analyze — profitable wallets, plus Wallet-to-Wallet Copying, which allows anyone to copy any ERC-20 wallet’s trades as the copied wallet makes them (and has a lot of very interesting features). These tools are playing a critical role in educating a new generation of DeFi social traders. So, once we release DeXe Investment, they can use these newly acquired skills and expertise to manage investor funds. Talk about the democratization of trading!

We also expanded our ecosystem with two very powerful projects. The first is 111PG, which started off as a service protecting new project listings from sniping bots (which before 111PG has been a nearly-unsolvable and very damaging problem in DeFi). 111PG had so much success in its initial task that it expanded to other services for DeFi projects, including marketing and a few others to be announced shortly. In its so-far short existence, 111PG has already proven itself as a key component of our ecosystem as beneficial to our community as it is to the greater DeFi space.

The second is an obvious one for any trading-focused ecosystem: Kattana is a trading terminal designed specifically for DeFi to not only match CeFi trading terminal features and capability but to add uniquely DeFi advantages to it. Just imaging trading in DeFi with true limit and other advanced order types, multicharting, AI news aggregation and selection, and much more. Sure beats taking the AMM’s given price.

All this growth couldn’t stay unnoticed long by the big players in DeFi. Indeed, we grew close to one of the biggest and have cooperated on numerous occasions. We’re of course talking about Binance. In 2021, DEXE got listed in Binance, and that was just the beginning. We participated in Binance’s Birthday celebrations (and celebrated our own 1st Birthday this year), have staking set up, ran contests, and spoke at Binance’s international meetup. DEXE got listed on a number of other exchanges too, including, KuCoin, and others. Even before DeXe Investment is released, the world is already watching us.

But even while we’re expanding our team and working long hours to release all the anticipated products and update others, we realize that tech is only part of the equation. Community is just as important — and we love ours. In 2021, we ran trading marathons, social contests, quizzes, and more opportunities for people to walk away with thousands of dollars worth of crypto and (even more importantly) earn reputation of being a good trader, a skillful artist, an influential member of Crypto Twitter, and a loyal DeXer.

Actually, one trading competition was pretty specials in it was the first-ever DeFi trading marathon. It was such a big success that we followed it up with the 2nd that was even more massive: 4 rounds, each giving out crypto prizes to the best traders. The top prize was $5,600 (for winning just one round!). This competition attracted 20 amazing partners and a flurry of social activity. At the end of the day, this marathon was fun, engaging, and exceptionally helpful in nurturing future top traders.

So, above all, while we are very thankful to every team member for their dedication and to our partners for their continuous support, it’s our community to whom we are most thankful. In 2022, we are already planning to give you more engagement, product releases, and overall good news than even in the very fruitful 2021. Happy New Year — let’s make it DeXe’s breakout year, together.

About DeXe

Dexe.Network is a decentralized ecosystem of social trading that works via autonomous smart contracts and includes tools for distributing virtual currency and automatic rebalancing. This removes the risk of passing the information of your digital wallet such as your private key, API, etc. to a 3rd party. Most importantly, the DeXe Network connects successful traders to followers in a transparent and verifiable way for the benefit of both parties.

Stay tuned!

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Dexe Network is an ecosystem of tools that bring professional trading to DeFi

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Dexe Network is an ecosystem of tools that bring professional trading to DeFi

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