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3 min readDec 22, 2021


Fellow DeXers!

Guess what? That Christmas spirit is in the air (and NYE too), so… isn’t this the perfect time for gifts? We thought so too — that’s why we prepared some very special gifts for the DeXe Network ecosystem’s community.

Here’s the first one. From December 22nd until December 28th, we’ll run a quick little quiz for the communities of all the projects in our ecosystem. The rewards will be quite generous if you can be quick to demonstrate deep knowledge of and loyalty to our ecosystem and all of its products.

The $1500 prize pool for this quick contest will be split by 10 winners. Better yet, Santa has special secret bonus prizes to those in the Top 3 of the final tally of this one. This is your chance to show Crypto Santa that you’ve been good this year ;)

You’ll face two types of challenges:

  1. Quiz/test
  2. Bonus questions

We’ll run the quiz right in DeXe’s official Telegram channel (make sure you’re subscribed to it with notifications turned ON). The questions will be in a Google Form with the link to it posted at a random time between December 23nd — 28th. We’ll post the correct answer the next day (24 hours) after posting the question so everyone can check their answers.

Same thing with the bonus questions: random time in DeXe’s official channel. Each will be a post, so you’ll need to send your answer as a reply to the post for it to count. The team will select the 10 best answers, which will get the points. You’ll have only 12 hours to respond to each bonus challenge post, so better be quick!

To participate (rules), you need to:

  1. Register with Telegram Bot before December 25th
  2. Subscribe to the Telegram channels and chats of DeXe, Kattana, and 111PG
  3. Subscribe to the Twitter feeds of DeXe, Kattana, and 111PG
  4. Retweet and like this post, mentioning @DeXeNetwork, @kattanatrade, and @111PGDAO
  5. Activity during the quiz:
  • Like, repost, and comment on every Twitter post from DeXe, Kattana, and 111PG

Loyalty is rewarding, as you can see.

Prize Pool:

We will overall award $1500 in crypto + 3 Santa’s boxes with prizes from DeXe, Kattana, and 111PG for each of the top 3 contestants.

The rewards are to be split as follows:

  • 5th to 10th place — $75 each
  • 4th place — $150
  • 1–3 place $300 plus the bonus box

How the winners will be determined:

Based on the total number of points in the quiz. Each question (regular or bonus) is worth 5 points. At the end of the entire contest, we will rank all the contestants by total points and award prizes to the top 10 as described above.

☃️Good luck and Happy Holidays! Your DeXe Network team🎅


DeXe Network makes no warranties or guarantees as to the safety and security of any and all funds deposited by participants on Uniswap and other DEXes

DeXe Network has no liability or control over users’ funds lost on Uniswap and other DEXes due to bugs or breaches on Uniswap or due to the user’s own negligence or any actions

The DeXe Network team reserves the right to cancel the competition, change the rules, or exclude any participant and remove the benefit of the contest from them at any time, for any reason, and without prior notification

DeXe Network reserves the right to KYC any and all participants in the Rewards Program, and withhold any and all prizes pending KYC

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