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3 min readSep 29, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions about DeXe Anniversary Trading Competition

Can I still participate if I register a few days after the marathon has already started?

Yes, you can register at any time after the marathon begins and until it ends

Can I trade just 1 of the tokens on that list?

You need to make a trade of at least 5 tokens from the partners list

Do I have to choose one swap of the 3 or can I use all 3 (ETH, BSC, Polygon)? How will you know to count them all?

You can use one, two, or all three of the above swaps. Just make sure to trade from the same wallet you registered with and our system will track it so you can get the volume score you earned

I have multiple wallets with relevant tokens — can I use both?

No, multi-accounting is not allowed for this competition. Duplicate entries will be deleted. Just transfer the tokens to a single wallet before you start competing and avoid that problem

How will the team fight bots to ensure fair competition?

Participants need to trade for at last 5 partners’ tokens, also we developed the Average Trading Volume system which organically will level ranking. Also, we will manually check every contestant that ended up in a winning ranking — so using bots will just get you disqualified

How often do you refresh the rankings?

You can always check your rank on this page https://competition.dexe.network/

We will publish the final rankings for each round after the round finishes but will also try to refresh the rankings more frequently so you can have an idea how close you are to victory

Do I have to register for each of the 4 rounds?

No, just once is enough (unless you want to change wallets before a new round)

Why can’t I see my wallet address in the marathon ranking?

Make sure that you completed the registration in the Telgram Bot. That would be the only reason

Why isn’t my trading volume reflected?

Make sure that you:
- have traded in at least 5 of the listed partner tokens

- traded on one of the 3 included exchanges (ETH, BSC, Matic)

Let’s say that I’m trading 7 tokens from the list, will my overall trading volume be divided by 5 or 7 to figure out the average?

No, the division is always by 5 to figure out your average

Is there a minimum/maximum number of trades allowed for the marathon?

Not at all — trade as little/much as you want, as long as you trade pairs with at least 5 of the listen tokens

Can I trade a pair where both tokens are in the list? (such as the DEXE/KTN pair, for example); How will that affect volume calculations?

Yes you can, the system will just count the volume for each of the two tokens

Will the ranking chart reset the volume amount after each round?

Yes, absolutely. Each new round always starts from 0. So go try your luck and show us your best, knowing that everyone else is starting from exactly the same place

Can I change my wallet address in the Telegram bot?

Yes, you will just need to wait until the change is reflected in the system. If you don’t see the new address in the rankings within 24 hours, please contact support

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