Good stats help you make good investment decisions

We’ve already talked about the unprecedented security protections for both traders and investors of Funds in Dexe Investment. Today, let’s talk about another very important layer of protection: the detailed stats you can use to make a well-informed decision.

It’s all in the details

While it’s important not to overwhelm users with so many stats that it paralyzes rather than helps one make a decision, having enough stats in sufficient detail to make sound investing decisions is crucial for an asset management platform.

First of all, you need to know what each Fun is all about. Which includes:

  • Fund description — easy way for Fund’s manager to let investors know what this fund is all about
  • Fund strategy — no need to guess how this fund plans to make you money
  • Emission — how many LP tokens are there?
  • Data creation — so you can see if the details have been recently updated
  • Type of fund — standard or not?
  • Minimum investment amount — it’s up to the trader; make sure you’re comfortable investing at least the minimum amount
  • Fund manager — this is the star of the show; you can research the manager to learn about their history and reputation
  • Investor limit — funds can cap the number of investors that can invest at one time
  • Performance fee — the manager decides his fee; you decide if it’s worth it

This creates the basic dashboard of fund information so you can decide at a glance if it’s the right fund for you. Or dive deeper into the stats.

Deeper dive: Locked funds

Visual representations are great for seeing the big picture. The green line on the locked funds chart represents investor funds and the white line represents trader funds. This way, you can quickly see how much is contributed and the all-important indicator: the fund’s growth. Remember that if the fund’s value falls after you invested into it, you may be eligible for fund loss insurance if the Dexe DAO members decide that the loss of value is due to circumstances covered by the insurance.

You can also see how much of the fund’s available investment has been filled (the maximum is proportional to how much of his own funds the fund manager deposits).

All about that P&L

Once you see how many investor slots are still available, the next logical step is to see how profitable the fund is at the moment.

Different people measure profitability differently, which is why you can see it here in the base asset chosen by the fund manager, ETH, USD, and BTC.

Diving deeper though, you can look at how many trades the fund does daily on average, the daily profit, order sizes, maximum loss, and other useful stats that let you get into the head of the fund manager a bit and better understand what kind of a fund it is.

This helps you understand up front what activity to expect from the fund and what style of trading you are likely to encounter.

At the end of the day, there will be a fund for every investment style and risk appetite. With the details nd statistics being so transparent, Dexe Investment takes the mystery out of investing. And you can always invest into multiple funds to gain exposure to different strategies. The regularly updated detailed stats will help you make sure every strategy performs to your expectation.

Stay tuned!

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