HackenProof bug bounty campaign is now live

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2 min readJan 15, 2024


We’re excited to launch a bug bounty campaign on HackenProof to continue securing the DeXe Protocol. The campaign has a total reward pool of 500,000 DEXE ($2M+). It comes on top of the 5 already completed outside security audits because of the central priority that security holds in the Protocol.

The bug bounty program will run open-ended, allowing security experts from all over the world to bring any vulnerabilities to the attention of the DeXe Protocol DAO before hackers can exploit them. This will help maintain a high level of trust in the DeXe Protocol by current and future users.

Hacken is a leader in cybersecurity, having already audited the DeXe Protocol in detail. HackenProof is their bounty platform with 30,000+ highly-skilled researchers protecting major blockchain projects, such as Sui, Near, KuCoin, OKX, and Metis. Having access to so many and such high-quality white hat hackers will keep the Protocol more secure while also lowering overall security costs due to having to pay only for found bugs.

Any security expert can take part via the HackenProof platform and help keep the DeXe Protocol secure. There are three bug threat levels and corresponding rewards:

Medium — up to $1,000 in stablecoins

High — up to $5,000 in DEXE

Critical — $10,000–50,000 in $DEXE with 6-month linear vesting

If the found bug can be reverted through our security system, the bounty for it will count as one level lower. Learn about the full rules of the Bug Bounty campaign here.

The campaign will be administered via a DAO that was newly founded via a DeXe Protocol DAO proposal specifically for that purpose and given the abovementioned 500,000 DEXE treasury to cover bounty payouts. Any bounty payouts will be initiated as proposals within the new DAO, open to anyone to view.

Security requires ongoing solutions, and this bug bounty campaign with HackenProof is providing one that is long-term, expert-driven, and cost-efficient.

Stay tuned!

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