DeXe Network Wallet-to-Wallet copying version 2. Almost here

Any day now… are you READY? The much-anticipated release of Wallet-to-Wallet v2 is almost here. We’re just putting the finishing touches and will announce the release date soon.

V2 going to flip DeFi on its head just like v1 did (and then some). Instead of reacting to market movements and figuring out what to do, you’ll be able to AUTOMATICALLY act when key wallets you follow act.

Much more than just copying, v2 will give you unprecedented control over the security of your assets, like protection from Rug Pulls and Slippage, and a Zero Volume Filter.

From now on, you ARE the action. The alpha is no longer in trying to figure out where the leading players are heading but in letting those wallets you know to make the right moves at the right time make those moves for you. You don’t even need to watch the market.

Just follow as many wallets and assets as you like — and W2W v2 will copy them for you automatically.

As a bonus, you will love our totally redesigned UI with an incredibly friendly UX. It’s a joy to use. Welcome to your new “secret” trading strategy. Very very soon.

So. Are you ready?

Stay tuned for more with us!


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DeXe (Decentralized Social Trading Platform) — an online, decentralized and autonomous cryptocurrency assets portfolio environment

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