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4 min readSep 26, 2022

In an historic event, with the snapshot at block 15,498,266, the Dexe DAO has passed its first proposal. The proposal created an Ambassador Program for Dexe DAO.

To kick off the Dexe Network’s Birthday celebration, the Ambassador Program will be launched on the big day itself: September 28th. What a wonderful way to celebrate, right?

Thanks to the proposer’s detailed and well-thought-through ides and the feedback on the proposal from the community, the Ambassador Program is a robust one, offering great rewards for beneficial social activity. Let’s dive into the details of the program.

Program overview

The proposer’s wisdom is evident in how the program is structured with specific time limits and all the details planned out. This way, it can be a good test case for future such programs.

The Ambassador Program will last 4 months, with the most active participants getting to share in the prize pool of $10,000 in $DEXE*.

The program will be divided into 4 stages, each lasting 30 days.

To register, one must fill out this form and subscribe to the Dexe Network Discord server, where one can receive one of the following roles:

  • dexer — assigned to everyone who filled out the Ambassador Program form and the task completion form.
  • dexe hero — assigned to active users as determined by their high rank at the end of previous stages of the program, by their answering questions in chats, and other activity measures.
  • dexe guru — assigned to Telegram and Discord moderators as well as to active DAO members

Your role will not affect the number of points you receive in the program but could open up a path to various perks and privileges down the line.

What each stage entails

Each of the 4 stages of the program will consist of two parts.

  1. Gleam contests: divided into two blocks of 14 days each.
  2. Content tasks that run during the entire stage.

By completing tasks in either part, you accumulate points that determine your leaderboard position, and thus how much of the $10,000 in $DEXE prize pool you will be able to claim at the end.

Completing and submitting tasks

There will be a Google Form for the participants to submit links to their ambassador work, such as an article or a post on one of the popular platforms, a tweet mentioning DEXE, and so on. The full list of content tasks will be published at the beginning of each stage along with detailed instructions.

The task will be to translate Dexe NEtwork content into the participant’s native language or to create original content.

Content requirements

Since the point of the Ambassador Program is to promote the Dexe Network by bringing attention to our innovation in capital and DAO management, it’s important to ensure that any content created is of top quality and truly helps spread the word about DeXe. Therefore,

  • Translations of articles must be published on Medium or another popular media platform.
  • Participants must tweet about their content from their Twitter account, adding #DeXeNetwork.
  • Translations must correspond to the original and not misinterpret the information.
  • Any language is acceptable except for the one originally published in. All content must be published during the stage for which you want it to be counted (and without violating any of the rules above).

Completing a task can yield a maximum of 200 points and a minimum of 10.

Task types

  • Creating your own articles/research in your native language, such as Ukrainian, Turkish, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, English, Russian, or others.
  • Creating your own videos showing the main idea, features, and potential of Dexe Network products.
  • Creation of stickers, infographics, and other materials that promote and clearly explain the benefits of the Dexe Network products.

Judging criteria

Content will be judged based on:

  1. Content quality
  2. How well the content informs about DeXe and our products
  3. Marketing value (how much audience reach it has)
  4. Creativity
  5. How accurate the information is

At the end of the day, DAO members want an Ambassador Program that shows the world both how revolutionary DeXe products are and how creative and passionate our community is.

Awarding points

The results will be announced at the end of each of the 4 30-day stages.

All the points accumulated by a participant during the month are summed up and the Leaderboard is thus formed.

Reward distribution

Rewards are distributed within 3–5 days after the end of each 30-day stage. Prizes are awarded in $DEXE in the BEP-20 chain to the address each participant indicated in the Google Form.

Top 20 finishers at each stage will be eligible for prizes

The prize pool for each stage is to be divided as follows:

1–4 place

  1. $500 (165 DEXE)*
  2. $300 (100 DEXE)
  3. $200 (65 DEXE)
  4. $150 (50 DEXE)

5- 13 place — $100 each (33 DEXE)

14–20 place — $50 each (16 DEXE)

*Fixed at $3 per $DEXE at the moment of withdrawing the prize pool $DEXE funds from the DAO treasury.

Good luck to all participants. This Ambassador Program was created by a DAO member, upvoted and passed by DAO members, and is a chance for community members to profit while creating content about a project you already love. This is our chance to show the world why everyone should be as excited for DeXe!


As a DAO, we operate on principles of individual responsibility and collective mutual respect. As such, any cheating or other behaviors that violate the spirit of the Ambassador Program and of our DAO may disqualify participants from receiving any benefits of task completion. DAO members can at any time submit proposals to punish perceived violators of DAO principles and program integrity. And the DAO team may, in certain circumstances, act to protect the integrity of the Ambassador Program and of the Dexe DAO. So please, don’t go there.

If you have any quesitons, please ask our moderators.

Stay tuned!

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