Investors also win with DeXe Investment — this is how

We recently shared some details about how traders win with DeXe Investment. But it wouldn’t be a win-win without the investors winning too, right? So let’s detail how the investor side benefits from the platform.


Sure, value investors can buy a blue-chip stock and hold for decades. But most modern investors are looking for an edge on others, for that elusive alpha to get in on something lucrative early. Normally, there is simply too much noise and information. By the time you learn about a promising project, it’s already halfway to mooning. Kiss that 100x goodbye. But individual traders who spend their days chasing very specific alpha are the ones who made the connections and learned the details of promising projects and tokens before they are known by the mainstream audience. If, for example, you want to find the next Axie, where would you even begin? Meanwhile, DeXe Investment may have 5 traders with specific strategies and expertise aimed at finding the next Axie. There’s your alpha.


The other important benefit of getting easy access to these traders and their alpha is the massive amount of time this saves an average investor. Time is money, we all know that. But also, time can be spent with your family, at your day job, on vacation, picking up a new hobby, or even taking the time to enjoy brunch. Why waste your time researching something that a professional trader is already on top of? Why spend hours staring at the chart when you know that your investment is in the capable hands of a verified trader who puts his own money where his mouth is?


This is so important, we’re glad to repeat this point: security of user funds is the #1 priority. That’s why only certain assets are pre-approved for trading (with additional ones approvable by the investors themselves). That’s why how much investor money a trader can operate with depends on how much of his own money he put up. That’s why we have the first and only insurance for trading losses. Everything is governed by audited smart contracts and our DAO to make sure that our users are in full control and with maximum security.


Imagine trading the personal tokens of each trader as easily as an ETF (even easier). Investors can buy and sell entire strategies in seconds. That kind of liquidity is shockingly new for DeFi, but that’s what’s needed to make social trading truly decentralized and powerful.


DeXe Investment is decentralized. DeXe itself is a DAO governed by DEXE holders. The team couldn’t take your funds away if it wanted to. It’s incredibly hard to trade quickly without giving up control of your assets to a custodian like a CEX. But here, you can see the audit for the smart contracts that control the funds. There is no CEX.

These are some of the ways investors win. Of course, the biggest way is the ability to access a massive and constantly-evolving pool of brilliant traders and strategies. For investors, DeXe Investment is the ultimate answer to “How do I get into ___ early?”

Stay tuned!

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