State of the DAOs — June 6th

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3 min readJun 6, 2023

While the treasury volume and membership dropped, active membership jumped over 10% after being steady for months. This may be a sign that DAOs are maturing. Speaking of, DAOs getting serious about their long-term sustainability should check out the recording of yesterday’s DAO Talk about Legal Structures for DAOs.

DAO News

ApeDAO has a proposal to airdrop 10,000 APE to about 200 contributors to its governance in the DAO’s first year of operations.

Decentraland DAO has passed a proposal to systematize its treasury governance for the sake of long-term treasury health.

Uniswap DAO’s community narrowly (45.32% NO vs. 42.34% YES) voted against implementing protocol fees for v3 of its AMM, mostly because of concerns about taxation.

Linea Voyage is a 9-week challenge meant to stress-test the Linea L2 network prior to its launch.

MakerDAO’s Core Artificial Intelligence System (CAIS) is a go, with the community voting to release 100,000 DAI to fund it. Maker’s community also voted in a mechanism to purchase up to $1.28B of US Treasuries.

LIDO DAO approved 230,000 LDO and 50,000 DAI to fund LEGO’s Community Lifeguards Initiative Pilot.

DAO Proposals

No high-importance proposals yet again, while 33 of low and 12 of medium-importance ones. Bancor’s community is especially active this week.

Most proposals deal with Parameters (20), Team (15), and Token (8).

Most Active DAOs

The Top 5 by proposal activity are missing Iwan for the first time in a long time.

Most Active DAOs:

  • lovebnbdao — 37
  • tunny — 33
  • PancakeSwap — 29
  • PaoPao — 14
  • AladdinDAO — 14

Stay tuned!

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