State of the DAOs — May 30th

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3 min readMay 30, 2023

In an unusual twist, the number of DAO members dropped while the treasury volume increased. Could some people have been spooked by Tornado Cash DAO’s wild governance hack saga?

DAO News

BitDAO rebrand and token swap are now official.

Decentralized mortgage financing is one step closer with PWN’s new $2M of funding raise for its DeFi mortgage protocol.

MakerDAO has a proposal to raise the DAi savings rate from 1% to 3.3%.

Cabin wants to create decentralized cities with NFT membership giving self-governance rights — a DAO in as physical a world as it gets.

Conceptual “hybrid rollups” aim to make Ethereum both scalable and secure, potentially helping DAOs on the Ethereum blockchain remain capital efficient at scale.

The famous a16z crypto fund released a mechanism for anonymous voting on Ethereum. How do you think DAOs will use this to improve governance?

Stargate DAO voted to reduce its exposure to the stablecoin issued by Multichain in light of the latter’s delays with transactions and the possible arrest of top team members in China.

PancakeSwap DAO is getting into blockchain gaming with a game that offers $CAKE rewards.

DAO Proposals

No high-importance proposals yet again, but 40 each of low and medium-importance ones. MakerDAO, Aave, and Index Coop are especially active.

Most proposals again deal with Team (33) and Parameters (31).

Most Active DAOs

The Top 5 by proposal activity is again topped by Iwan, but PancakeSwap and Index Coop are both very active too.

Most Active DAOs:

  • Iwan — 143
  • Pao Pao — 95
  • PancakeSwap — 56
  • Index Coop — 29
  • lovebnbdao — 25

Stay tuned!

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