State of the DAOs — October 5th

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2 min readOct 5, 2023


More accurate measurement shows that over 44% of DAO members have voted at least once, an encouraging sign for the space.

DAO News

This post reviews all 110 Arbitrum grant proposals to find the ones likely to get funded.

Why is Vitalik warning against staking pools adopting the DAO model?

Can Burning Man teach DAOs about mainstream adoption?

JPEX exchange went ahead with its reorganization into a DAO, which involves converting user assets into dividend shares and locking them up for 2 years (which users are not too happy about).

Nature journal article explains how DAOs can help scientists get funding.

Bloomberg article explores whether DAOs have a chance of being accepted as legal structures.

Core DAO’s network upgrade set for October 15th.

DAO Proposals

12 mid- and 10 low-importance proposals this week.

Most proposals deal with Team (6) and Parameters (9). Osmosis, Aave, and MakerDAO are especially active.

Most active DAOs in the past week (by number of decisions)

UXDProtocol’s members were more than twice as busy with governance decisions as the next one.

UXDProtocol — 16

Monke — 6

Mango DAO — 6

Nouns DAO — 5

Lil Nouns — 3

Stay tuned!

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