State of the DAOs — September 14th

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2 min readSep 14, 2023

A quiet week for DAO activity accompanied a dip in the market.

DAO News

25% of Nouns DAO NFT holders decided to rage quit — splitting the DAO’s treasury.

Arbitrum’s usage metrics decline, sparking doubt about its chances in the L2 game.

Lido is assuring the public that any “fake deposit” attacks are not going to affect the safety of LDO or stETH funds.

The decentralized Infura launch may be imminent, though it’s still unknown if it will be governed by a DAO or a Foundation.

Coinbase Prime’s upcoming Web3 wallet may give institutions a way to vote on DAO proposals.

ApeCoin DAO is facing severe pessimism about its direction.

Sushi is expanding to the Aptos blockchain.

Polygon Labs used an interesting “apple orchard” analogy in asking U.S. Senators for reasonable crypto taxation.

DAO Proposals

1 high-, 15 mid- and 9 low-importance proposals on a slow week.

Most proposals deal with Team (10). Osmosis is especially active.

DAOs with the most lifetime votes:

Some DAOs get a lot more votes than others, with Stargate Finance and Magic Square being in a league of their own.

Stargate Finance — 8,927,362

Magic Square — 6,659,112

Aave — 2,291,963

Optimism — 1,142,373

Lenster — 747,632

Stay tuned!

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