State of the DAOs — September 28th

DeXe Protocol
2 min readSep 28, 2023

Quiet week with treasury sizes dipping slightly with the markets but membership holding steady.

DAO News

69 million ARB (~$59M) got added to the Arbitrum treasury after users failed to claim them in the 6-month claim period. Meanwhile, some thoughts on how Arbitrum may allocate its $42M ecosystem grant.

There is an interesting suggestion to burn all the ETH in the Nouns DAO treasury in excess of a certain formula amount.

A long-time member of the Jade Protocol DAO is calling for it to liquidate its entire $31M treasury and refund the token holders, worried that the DAO is too much of an investment risk.

Here is an interesting dive into Tornado Cash’s legal troubles related to alleged money laundering.

Tron DAO has hackathons and other initiatives going.

Core DAO made a big rebrand (logo, website, initiatives).

DAO Proposals

18 mid- and 15 low-importance proposals this week.

Most proposals deal with Team (16) and Parameters (13). Osmosis and Aave are especially active.

DAOs with the most lifetime proposals:

Pancake is still the king of proposals, though Decentraland is holding its own and Lenster is quickly catching up.

Stay tuned!

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