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4 min readSep 26, 2023


Welcome to the new phase of the DeXe Protocol! We’re thrilled to unveil our rebranding, a symbol of evolution and commitment to our mission. This, coupled with the forthcoming product unveiling, signifies a groundbreaking chapter in DAO management. We’re excited to share the foundational components of the DeXe Protocol that we’ve been diligently constructing.


The purpose of the DeXe Protocol is to foster the development of equitable, meritocratic, and efficient DAOs. The Protocol offers a revolutionary framework for establishing and steering DAOs, designed and managed by a DAO that represents the interests of the community and token holders. While the principal role of our managing DAO is to oversee the protocol, it is also subject to on-chain governance through the protocol itself. The DeXe Protocol operates under a Swiss Association legal structure to implement its resolutions beyond Web3.

DeXe Protocol is more than just a series of over 50 smart contracts; it is the Hammurabi Code for DAOs — a foundational set of norms and principles from nearly 4,000 years ago that continue to influence the governance of human societies. The Protocol aspires to be the cornerstone of DAO governance for generations to come.

Currently, a genuine decentralization infrastructure is absent, resulting in the centralization of all existing DAOs to some extent — this is understandable. However, it’s clear that the methodologies that are most user-friendly, straightforward, and efficient in achieving decentralization will prevail, while the rest will become obsolete. Acknowledging this, we present a lucid and audacious route forward, extending the DeXe Protocol as the infrastructure for developing sophisticated and profound meta-governance constructs.

The Protocol

DAOs could be revolutionary if they function well. For people to sustainably and effectively contribute to DAOs, they must be properly motivated and recognized. To that end, the Protocol rewards meritocracy by adjusting voting power based on expertise and increasing the rewards for those who delegate to experts. It also fights centralization/plutocracy by lowering the voting and reward incentives for one person to accumulate too much power.

No single set of rules can work for every single DAO. That’s why the Protocol allows for wide flexibility in things like quorum sizes, early voting completion, governance by token/NFT, the use of secondary voting among trusted validators, and more. Each of these points deserves its own detailed exploration and will get it at a later point. The Protocol also allows voting both on- and off-chain, removing the need for using too many outside tools by having the entire proposal cycle in one place, neatly organized.

The Visuals

When you are building the future, you get to decide what it looks like. And the future is, first of all, transparent. This means transparency of intentions and decision-making, allowing everyone to see the why behind every choice. That is what pure decentralization should look like. That’s why DeXe Protocol’s logo is now glassy, honoring the transparency of full decentralization.

Conceptually, the logo combines 3 key components of an ideal DAO: Motivation, Transparency, and Community. These are the core values of the DeXe Protocol.

Built on DeXe Protocol

We are happy to announce the first product built on DeXe Protocol — The DeXe DAO Studio. This is a dapp where a DAO can be created and governed in all of its aspects in one place.

Finally, the market will have a convenient and understandable interface that does not require coding skills. This interface can bring DAO governance to a whole new level not just by being very intuitive to use but also by giving users so much power to create and govern a DAO the way they want to:

  • By creating a DAO in a few clicks without any coding.
  • By having comment threads under each proposal instead of on some separate forum.
  • By getting timely notifications only about the governance activity they want to be aware of.
  • By enjoying highly-flexible voting parameters for setting quorum size, early voting, validators, and more for each proposal type.
  • By governing with any token or NFT collection or even creating a new governance token in seconds.

No longer do users need to run around different apps and browser tabs trying to keep up with your DAO. It’s all in front of the users: simple, powerful, and flexible.


We are entering a new phase with the DeXe Protocol, aimed at unlocking the true potential of decentralized and equitable governance. It represents a united effort, managed by a DAO consisting of community members and token holders, all working towards a common goal.

This journey has been made possible by the dedication and hard work of many contributors, to whom we are extremely grateful. Together, we’ve made significant strides, and we are excited to continue our work in paving the way for a more decentralized future.

Stay tuned!

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