The many things you can do with DAO treasuries

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Once you create a custom DAO with the DeXe protocol, you can use it to empower your community. And not just with the governance (via tokens and/or NFTs). If your DAO has a treasury, your community of DAO members can manage that treasury to the DAO’s benefit. How?

Internal rewards

You can set up member rewards right in the DAO settings when creating the DAO. Select how many tokens to reward to a (successful) proposal maker, how much to the voters, and how much to the person executing the transaction that makes the accepted proposal official.

The community can vote on other internal distributions as well: farming rewards, contests, giveaways, etc. — what innovative treasury distribution ideas will your community come up with?


As DeXe DAO’s community has demonstrated, treasury funds can be used for marketing purposes. DeXe DAO just ran a comprehensive, 4-stage Ambassador Program based entirely on a member’s proposal and other members’ suggestions for it. Similarly, the DAO community can vote to use treasury for a partnership with another protocol, paid advertising, trading competitions, and whatever else the community agrees upon.

Cross-project interaction

DAO members can decide to use treasury funds for involvement with another DeFi protocol directly via smart contracts. It could be to lend treasury funds out for an interest payment. It could be for yield farming.

Or, perhaps, members want to use another DeFi protocol for technical benefits rather than direct profit, such as paying for 3rd party services that DAO members want to access (from oracles to tax software to games and anything in between).

Collective investment

There are a number of investment funds in and out of crypto that DAO members may want to get involved with. Using the DAO’s treasury, the intuitive voting mechanism, and the ability to interact with outside protocols, DAOs built on DeXe’s protocol can jointly invest in assets that may be unaffordable to most individuals (Mona Lisa, anyone? Bored Ape?).

These are just a few of a million possibilities of using a DAO’s treasury. DeXe gives DAO creators and members the flexibility and opportunity to use the real power of the treasury in any imaginable way to grow the DAO, reward members, create cash flow for the treasury, and a multitude of other things. It turns the treasury into a smart tool finally worthy of the age of DAOs.

Ultimately, the use of a treasury is limited only by the imagination of the members. Where will you take yours? For any new idea, there is an on-chain proposal and voting mechanism to make it happen.

Stay tuned!

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