Traders win with DeXe Investment — this is how

Our soon-to-be-released DeXe Investment platform is going to empower traders in Defi like never before. Let’s get into some detail about how exactly traders will win by having DeXe Investment at their disposal.

Access to capital

Most traders don’t start out as billionaires. And there are only 24 hours in a day. So if a trader wants to make a lot of money and has the skills to do so, he can borrow the initial funds from a banking institution (expensive and not easy to get) or get investors to commit funds to trade with in exchange for a very sizeable fee since they set a fee of 20–70% of the profit for their subscribers (it’s up to you how much your fee is — the higher it is the more reluctant people are to invest with you; but on the other hand, the more successful you are, the higher fee you can charge).

For an example of your earning potential, let’s say you set your fee at 50%. A trader also has to trade with his own funds in his pool to get investor funds. Let’s say you put up $10,000 in USDT and investors put up $100,000 USDT. Your strategy earned a 20% profit in 1 week. That means you earned $2,000 from your own deposit. The investors earned $10,000 USDT (50%) with the other 50% going to you after the platform takes its 30% cut ($10,000 — $3,000 = $7,000). You just made $17,000 on a $10,000 deposit!

For the remaining $3,000, the DeXe Network purchases DEXE and divides it into 3 parts: ⅓ gets burned, ⅓ goes to the insurance fund, and ⅓ to Farming rewards. Great for you, great for your investors, great for DEXE’s value, and great for farmers.

DeXe Investment makes it easy for an investor to trust a trader. Seeing that the trader put up his own funds, seeing his reputation and trade results in an up-do-date and transparent way, and having the option of DeXe Insurance to smooth out some of the riskier edges of trading, investors have all the incentives to commit capital to good traders with a strategy they like on DeXe Investment.

Access to tools

Even without the major benefits of our ecosystem’s Kattana Trading Terminal, DeXe Investment gives traders a powerful and convenient platform. This helps them not only trade effectively but also to showcase their results, advertise their strategy, and work with investors in a simple, quick, and effective way. In short, DeXe Investment creates the best possible trading environment for the traders on the platform so they can do what they do best: execute on their chosen strategy.

True meritocracy

This isn’t some private club where only the chosen few get to play. Any trader can use the platform. It’s up to the trader to showcase his results and convince the investors to trust their funds to his strategy. And strategy is important. It’s not just about being the most profitable trader in a specific time frame. Maybe some investors want to invest only in Metaverse plays, or in projects on Solana. For every interest area, there will be a trader with a strategy.

Create your brand

With trader tokens representing their trading success and being freely tradeable themselves, a trader can build and leverage his reputation like never before. Don’t be surprised to read about the coveted Steve coin on Discord & Twitter. Or Maria coin. Or Ban Man-Young coin. Successful traders can become celebrities in an instant, leveraging their newfound fame into YouTube channels, infoproducts, and even merch. DeXe Investment is lowering the cost and opening up the opportunity to make a name for yourself trading in a way that traditional finance never could. We could have 1000 Warren Buffet’s within a month. It’s very exciting.

Unprecedented security

DeFi is often called the “Wild West” of trading but it doesn’t have to be. With DeXe Investment, we are implementing very specific security features for both traders and investors. The requirements that traders only trade the tokens approved by the platform and their investors reduces the trader’s liability and makes them feel safer knowing that they have the investors’ explicit approval to trade those assets. The insurance that investors can participate in helps traders worry a lot less about major unexpected market events. Everybody wins from better security.

These are just some ways in which traders win with DeXe Investment. The beauty of a decentralized social trading platform is in that it evolves along with its participants. So many more benefits will emerge with its use.

Stay tuned!

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