Wormhole bridge for $DEXE is live

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3 min readSep 8, 2023


We’re excited to announce that the Wormhole bridge for $DEXE is live! You can safely and smoothly move your $DEXE tokens from BNB to ETH chains. Wormhole is well-trusted bridge that has shown itself very capable of moving tokens between chains.

After the Multichain bridge exploit created a big problem for moving tokens between several chains, our contributors immediately made sure that $DEXE was safe. As did the exchanges that used Multichain, including by disallowing the deposit/withdrawal of a number of tokens for the protection of those communities — which included $DEXE.

The Wormhole bridge is a trusted and tested bridge with a very good reputation. Here is how the process works from the BNB side:

  • The new $DEXE contract for the BNB chain has been deployed
  • You’ll need to receive updated $DEXE tokens
  • You can then transfer them to the Ethereum network.

Here are the detailed instructions for swapping $DEXE token on the BNB Chain, with step-by-step screenshots:

Step 1: Go to the proper BSCScan page here. The smart-contract was audited by Ambisafe.

Step 2: Connect your Web3 wallet.

Step 3: Expand the “SwapAll” tab to reveal and click the “Write” button.

Step 4: Sign and check the transaction in your Web3 wallet pop-up.

Step 5: Add the new address of the token to your Web-3 wallet so you can find it later.

Press Import tokens in your wallet and then past the new $DEXE contract address: 0x6E88056E8376Ae7709496Ba64d37fa2f8015ce3e

That’s it — you’re all set.

The official addresses and links

Swap of $DEXE on the BNB Chain:: https://bscscan.com/address/0xB4610f44D79647C9d489358826D729346a90D9bF#writeProxyContract

New address of $DEXE token: 0x6E88056E8376Ae7709496Ba64d37fa2f8015ce3e

Bridge URL: https://www.portalbridge.com/#/transfer

Now you can securely transfer $DEXE between BNB and Ethereum.

The Wormhole bridge keeps your $DEXE tokens safe and makes sure the process is as smooth as possible. As always, be careful about interacting with any contracts not officially endorsed by the DeXe via the official DeXe communication channels. Stay safe and thank you for being part of the DeXe community!

Stay tuned!

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